From Self-Professed Bachelor to Proud NutriStar Winner

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Wondering if weight loss success is in your future? Meet Edouard, one of the four NutriStar Giveaway $40,000 grand prize winners for 2016. Nutrisystem down, this man knows what it feels like to get that blasted pant size down.

This is Edouard’s weight loss success story:

NutriStar Giveaway Winner Edouard
NutriStar Giveaway Winner Edouard has come a long way since these days.

Edouard knew he had a weight problem but it didn’t fully register until he was out on a date at a water park. His then-girlfriend and he decided to try the water slide.

NutriStar Giveaway Winner Edouard
Look at Edouard now. Clearly a Nutrisystem Success and well-deserving NutriStar Winner.

Only problem was that, together, they exceeded the weight requirement. That happened multiple times during their afternoon… and boy, was he embarrassed.

Edouard knew it wasn’t his girlfriend’s weight that was preventing them from fully enjoying the water park. It was his, and his alone. Meaning, it was time for action.

“I tried all different things—intense workouts, cleanses, a weight loss program that has motivational meetings. Nothing worked. Then I tried Nutrisystem…”

Right from the beginning, Edouard knew he found the perfect program. A bachelor, Edourd’s not much of a cook, but he can microwave just about anything. And as a busy engineer, he doesn’t have a lot of free time on his hands. So, the convenience of having meals sent directly to his home, all perfectly portioned, took another worry off his plate.

“It was so easy. Nutrisystem taught me what to eat, how frequently to eat, what the right sized portions were and how to keep the weight off. All I had to do is commit to the program,” Edouard goes on, “just like my favorite philosopher Jean Paul Sarte said. ‘Commitment is an act, not a word.”

A practical man, Edourd also appreciated the fact that being on Nutrisystem actually lowered his food costs. Plus, with its money back guarantee, there was no risk involved. He began recording what he ate and watched the weight come off. His favorite memory? When a pair of pants he was wearing literally fell off. Now, he dresses almost exclusively in slim-fit jeans, something that wasn’t possible when he began the program. And the compliments just keep rolling in.

“I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t seen in some time.” Edourd breaks into a grin. “We spent the entire time talking about all the weight I lost and I felt great when he said, ‘You look better than you did when you were younger.” Clearly, a healthy weight can make a bit of a difference.

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