5 Ways Gizelle Bryant Satisfies Her Sweet Tooth

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Gizelle Bryant on Nutrisystem

Like most of us, Gizelle Bryant knows a thing or two about having a sweet tooth. The reality television personality, known for her role on “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” admits that she used to feel guilty about eating her favorite treats.

More often than not, a weight loss plan requires avoiding delicious desserts in order to see success. But you don’t need to deprive yourself of good food! From cookies and cakes to pies and shakes, you can enjoy all of your favorite desserts on Nutrisystem.

“This year in 2021, I am upping my health and fitness game,” says Gizelle. “That’s why I’m so excited that I’m kicking off 2021 with Nutrisystem!”

Gizelle loves that she can satisfy her sweet cravings with Nutrisystem’s perfectly portioned desserts. “You know I have a sweet tooth!” says Gizelle. “I love my cookies and cakes and pies. Nutrisystem has the best versions which will help you with your sweet tooth.”

Check out some of Gizelle’s favorite Nutrisystem sweets below:

1. Chocolate Bars

Assorted Nutrisystem BarsWhether you need a grab-and-go meal or a sweet snack to crush your cravings, Nutrisystem has a bar for everyone. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Double Chocolate Caramel Bar, which feature rich chocolate crispies, a layer of sweet, gooey milk caramel and a semi-sweet chocolate coating. It’s ideal for those busy days when you’re looking for an easy lunch. Peanut butter lover? Our Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar will quickly become your new favorite treat. If you need the perfect after-dinner snack, our Chocolaty Pretzel Bar is the ultimate way to crush both your sweet AND salty cravings!

2. Cupcakes

Nutrisystem Strawberry ShortcakeThere’s no better way to satisfy a sweet tooth than with cake! Here at Nutrisystem, cupcakes are one of our favorite foods to turn into a perfectly portioned, diet-friendly dessert. We have plenty of delicious options for every cake lover, from fruity favorites like our Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake to chocolaty treats like our classic Chocolate Cupcake. We even have a Carrot Cake Cupcake! Gizelle said it best: You don’t have to feel guilty about eating Nutrisystem.

3. Cookies

Assorted Nutrisystem CookiesCookies are another sweet treat that we love to recreate at Nutrisystem. We offer a cookie for every kind of sweet tooth: Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Toffee, Lemon, Shortbread and, of course, classic Chocolate Chip. Stock up on your favorites so that you always have a smart, satisfying and sweet option on hand!

4. Pies

Nutrisystem Chocolaty S’mores PieWith Nutrisystem, satisfying your sweet tooth is easy as pie… literally! Our Chocolaty S’mores Pie features a graham cracker crust, a pillow of fluffy marshmallow and melted chocolate. This hand-held pocket of goodness is a smarter alternative to your favorite fireside snack, but still provides the classic flavors you know and love.

5. Shakes

Nutrisystem Protein and Probiotic Shake Mix in Chocolate and VanillaCrush those milkshake cravings with a healthier alternative! Nutrisystem Protein Shakes are creamy, dreamy and delicious. Gizelle loves to enjoy a Nutrisystem shake in the middle of the day. They provide a whopping 15 grams of protein and six grams of fiber for 120 calories! They come in chocolate or vanilla, so choose your favorite flavor and sip away that sweet tooth!

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