“This plan does all of the hard work for you.”

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journey to weight loss

After appearing on a very popular TV show and being selected to work with a world-famous entrepreneur, Tracey Noonan, co-owner of Wicked Good Cupcakes, Inc., in the Boston area, says life started moving fast. The hours were incredibly long and, as a result, Tracey picked up some horrible eating habits. She says it didn’t take long until she recached a point where she was the heaviest she’d ever been—even heavier than when she was full-term pregnant. Tracey recalls feeling devastated that none of her clothes fit. But it wasn’t until she saw an unflattering photo of herself on social media that she decided enough was enough. She had seen ads for Nutrisystem and decided to give it a shot and embark on her journey to weight loss.

At age 54, and having been through menopause, Tracey admits she was worried the weight might never come off. In fact, when she first started the program, she says she had herself convinced she was going to fail. She was at low point and had lost her confidence. But when those initial pounds first came off, Tracey says it fired her up. She suddenly realized I can do this.

Now she says there were so many things she loved about Nutrisystem, from the simplicity of the plan to the variety in the products and of course, the customer service and support.

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“This plan does all of the hard work for you,” Tracey says. “I was never hungry, and I loved not having to go somewhere for weigh-ins.”

She also says that Nutrisystem fits seamlessly into her busy life. She finds it’s a lot easier to grab a Nutrisystem muffin, bar or lunch to take on-the-go, rather than preparing something. It’s saved her time and taken the guesswork out of what to eat. Her favorite breakfast is the Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal and her favorite lunch is the White Cheddar Mac & Cheese or the Vegetarian Chili. For dinner, Tracey likes the stuffed shells. She says that a common concern is that Nutrisystem is “expensive,” but she has found it’s cheaper than the grocery store—and the meals are ready-to-go.

Tracey’s eating habits have also improved with Nutrisystem’s handy tips. She now makes an effort to add fruits and vegetables to everything! And she says that journey to weight losswhen she goes out to dinner, she will automatically ask the waiter or waitress to put more than half of her meal in a to-go container before overdoing it on a meal out. It has been tips and tricks like these that have helped Tracey stick to her plan and avoid temptations.

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With a 30-pound weight loss,* it’s changed her life in more ways than one. She now has more energy than ever and says she feels like a “kid” again. She gets excited about going to her barre class and has restored confidence and joy.

“I now don’t dread seeing myself on television or social media,” Tracey says. “I also wake up happy because I know my clothes are going to fit. And I recently went to the Amalfi Coast with my husband and was able to climb all of the stairs! I am SO happy.”

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*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.