“Nutrisystem, you saved my life!”

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Making the decision to live healthier can cause you to jump for joy or want to get up and dance. For Ken N., it did both.

“I now dance in a senior hip hop group performing monthly at the Atlanta Hawks basketball games,” the 58-year old says. After losing 55 pounds*, he’s also started taking gymnastics. “I have learned how to do a cartwheel, handstand and backflip.”

Things weren’t always so playful for Ken, though: His health was in serious trouble. Not only did he have high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure and a daily cocktail of 12 different prescription medications, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Ken saw he was at risk: About one in seven American men will eventually be diagnosed with this cancer, and it’s the third-leading killer of men among cancers, according to The American Cancer Society.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, I knew my unhealthy lifestyle had a lot to do with it,” Ken says. He knew he needed to get healthy, including losing weight.  But he had trouble doing it on his own: “I was either eating too little or too much and not the right combinations of protein, fats and carbs,” he says. The weight wouldn’t come off.

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But when he tried Nutrisystem, he found success. Eating pizzas for lunch, pasta for dinner and the blueberry muffin—his favorite—for breakfast, Ken finally started dropping weight.

“I have been trying to lose weight and live healthier for the past 30 years,” he says. “The Nutrisystem program is a no-brainer. Just follow the program, and you will lose the weight.”ken 2

These days, Ken is 55 pounds lighter*, and is feeling a lot more optimistic about his future.

“I was the guy behind the computer all day. I never played sports in school,” he says. But today, he’s taking his gymnastics class weekly, performing at Hawks games and learning other dance styles like salsa and ballroom. And this former non-athlete has the ultimate sign of an athlete’s body: “I have a six-pack!”

Ken says he knew losing weight was important to reduce his risk of death, but never knew just how much it would improve his life. “I never realized losing the weight would give me so much more than just helping me physically; it’s helped me more mentally,” he says. “Nutrisystem, you saved my life!”

Be like Ken and start “taking the stairs and even doing salsa.” Make the decision to live healthier today! >

*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.