Keeping the Weight Off: 5 Success Stories Share Their Secrets

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Nutrisystem Success is a plan designed for customers who are ready to maintain their goal weight, while transitioning to cooking healthy, portion-controlled foods on their own.

With a combination of support tools—including color-coded, portion-controlled containers, a variety of Nutrisystem A la Carte meals (your favorites, when you want them) and a handy guide packed with nutrition and exercise tips—we are still there to help you through this next phase of your journey.

Our Nutrisystem Success Stories are loving the help they’re getting keeping the weight off, and they say the transition couldn’t have been easier.

We spoke to five of our Success Stories to find out what they love most about Nutrisystem Success and what maintaining weight entails with this comprehensive plan.

Morgan Root

Having struggled with portion control in the past, Morgan Root says that Success has helped her avoid overeating by mistake or out of boredom. With the color-coded containers, Root says that portion control has become “automatic” and that makes it easy.

In fact, Root says she has found the entire system easy to use. Even in the first day of trying Success, Root says she felt confident in how to use the containers to plan out meals for her day. It was that little bit of added support that Root says she needed to transition to a maintenance routine.

“The Success program has given me control over my food choices during my transition, while also giving me the structure needed to be successful,” she explains.

Root relays that others should not be afraid of the transition. Despite her own concerns about flexing meals, Root says the Success program has given her the structure that she’d grown used to, helping her make the transition without “falling into old habits.”

She adds: “I’ve quickly realized that flexing meals was something I could do!”

Melissa Vlahos

From her very first week on the Nutrisystem program, Melissa Vlahos says she realized that this wasn’t a fad diet causing her to lose weight, only to gain it right back. From the start, Vlahos has been learning about portion control and conditioning her metabolism to eat six small meals a day.

Her biggest lesson was that healthy eating is a lifestyle change, critical to maintaining good health. Now that she has transitioned to the Success program, Vlahos states she’s putting many of those lessons into action—with the support of the program behind her.

“Sometimes we all need a little help in life making healthy choices,” says Melissa. “This maintenance program helps in just that—keeping us on track with our goals. After all, we worked really hard to get to our goal weight, why wouldn’t we take advantage of the help that the maintenance program provides?”

Melissa’s favorite thing about the program is that she never feels hungry. The perfectly portioned containers help her to eat just the right amount. As a result, Vlahos says she doesn’t feel the urge to snack or reach for the junk food. Instead, she stays full on healthy proteins and whole grains.

Ashley O’Reilly

By eliminating all the guesswork of healthy eating, Ashley O’Reilly tells us that making good choices has been easy since starting the Success program. Before starting the program, O’Reilly admits she definitely had concerns that she would gain back the weight she’d worked so hard to lose. But, with Success, O’Reilly explains that she is getting help maintaining her goal weight without those fears.

“Success has helped me transition by showing me how to use portion control,” Ashley says. “I really like that it even includes a guide for what can go into each of the colored containers. It is super helpful. There is no guesswork in preparing my meals.”

Whether she’s packing lunch for work, preparing a snack for a long car ride or making a healthy dinner, with Success, the decisions are easier than ever for O’Reilly.

Brian Aubuchon

As someone who tried to transition without the support of the Success program, Brian Aubuchon knows firsthand how difficult it can be to stay on track as the excuses begin to mount, and the scale starts “going in the wrong direction.” However, once he began using Success, Aubuchon says it’s given him the ability to make great choices that have helped him succeed.

Aubuchon explains that his favorite part about the program is the familiarity with it all. He says the recognition of seeing the leaf symbol on products and the comfort of the entire program has given him willpower to keep pushing forward—knowing that Nutrisystem is right there with him. It helped him lose weight the first time, and now he’s got the support to keep going.

“It comes down to comfortability,” Aubuchon says. “While you do not have the specific meals and snacks planned on a regiment, you still have the comfort and the reliability of the Success program to keep you on track. Sometimes it’s that little comfort zone that will help you over any of the hills you come across.”

Elaine Crandell

With the ease of the color-coded containers guiding her, Elaine Crandell says she is staying in shape and maintaining her goal weight. It’s the “visual” part of the containers—actually being able to see and use the correct food portions—that is helping her seamlessly implement correct portion control into her lifestyle.

“Success helps transition from Nutrisystem to a continuous healthy living lifestyle of good food choices and appropriate portion control,” Crandell says. “My number one tip for those new to the program is to just dive in and use it!”

With the help of the containers, Crandell stresses that everything about meal prep is simplified. “The color-coded containers make it so easy to pick your foods for the day and of course, use portion control,” she says. “The containers are also easy to clean and ready to re-use each day. They’re wonderful for food on-the-go and just a great all-around way to help you stay healthy and in shape!”

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