6 Ways Nutrisystem Can Change Your Life: Success Story Edition

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Mireya Olmos Nutrisystem can change your life

At Nutrisystem, one of the great pleasures that we have is the opportunity to listen to countless Success Stories from real-life folks who have shared their journeys with us. There’s nothing we love more than being able to celebrate alongside of them!

The fact is, Nutrisystem can be truly life-changing—and many of these individual Success Stories can be your story, too.

We’ve rounded up six ways that Nutrisystem can change your life based on some of the true Success Stories that have been shared with us.

Anthony Grant Nutrisystem can change your life
“I never thought this was possible!” says Anthony G.

1. You can lose more weight than you ever thought possible.

For many of those who have had success on Nutrisystem, the most life-changing aspect has been that they’ve lost more weight than they ever thought possible. That was the case for Anthony G., who says that Nutrisystem changed his life because he lost 31 pounds*.

He says, “I never thought this was possible!”

But now he says he is headed “full steam ahead” and he’s not looking back.

“I’m more confident, more active in my life, and I am able to do things that I was not comfortable doing before,” Anthony shares.

Carrissa Stuckey Nutrisystem can change your life
Carrisa S. lost 20 pounds* on Nutrisystem.

2. You’ll feel better—inside and out.

When you lose weight, you feel better—both physically and mentally. That was the case for Carrisa S., who says that after losing 20 pounds*, she’s less winded during physical activity and her stomach never hurts from junk food anymore!

But she’s healthier mentally and emotionally, too.

“All of this leads to a happier and more confident me,” Carrisa shares. “And positivity rubs off on people around you—so it benefits everyone!”

Jason K. echoes a similar story. He says, “I have lost 20 pounds* on the Nutrisystem program. I am exercising more and feeling stronger and more confident physically than I have in a long time.”

Kristofer Gordon
Kristofer G. lost 14 pounds* on Nutrisystem.

3. You’ll realize being healthy can be fun—and easy!

Whenever people get started on a weight loss journey, they almost always assume it’s going to be tedious and restrictive. After all, many programs are like that. However, Nutrisystem has been built on the premise that people should still be able to eat foods they love. When you take any other approach, it’s difficult to maintain.

That’s why Kristofer G. says that Nutrisystem showed him that so-called “dieting” can actually be easy.

Gogo Lomo-David Nutrisystem can change your life
“Nutrisystem made being healthy so fun,” says Gogo L.

Gogo L. agrees. “Nutrisystem made being healthy so fun,” he says. “I learned quite a bit about healthy eating. I enjoyed tracking my food. I felt in control and capable of losing weight. I want to keep putting my health first!”

Similarly, Tess A. says that skeptics ought to know there is no need to eliminate any food group to lose weight—it’s all about portion control and Nutrisystem will teach you how to do it. That means it can be more than a temporary fix but a lifelong change.

Tess adds: “It’s so easy! And it’s life changing!”

4. You’ll get to do the things you love.

For many, weight gain can mean giving up activities that they once loved. The more weight that you put on, the harder it can be on the body to get out and about. That ends up creating a snowball effect as weight gain leads to inactivity, but inactivity leads to more weight gain.

Mireya Olmos
Mireya O. loves riding her bike and staying active.

Nutrisystem can stop that negative cycle and help people get back to doing what they love.

For Mireya O., that was riding her bike, walking further and overall having more endurance and stamina. At 50 year’s old, it was important to Mireya that she be able to be an active senior in the future who can travel and have adventures with her husband. Her weight loss is allowing for all of those wishes to be made reality.

Shawn Turner Weight Loss Success Story
Shawn T. enjoys spending time outdoors and doing fun activities with his wife.

Shawn T. has a similar tale to tell. He says that by losing 27 pounds*, he finds himself more active than ever. That has meant spending lots of time outdoors doing activities like deep sea fishing, surfing, jogging and taking his grandson for walks.

Jason Kamimura Nutrisystem can change your life
“I fit back into most of my old clothes, which I haven’t been able to wear in years!” says Jason K.

5. You’ll fit in new clothes (or old ones!)

One of the added benefits of losing weight is fitting into a whole new wardrobe. It can be exciting going shopping for brand new clothes at a brand new size. But it might also mean fitting into clothes that you used to love. That was the case for Jason K. who says, “I fit back into most of my old clothes, which I haven’t been able to wear in years!”

We talk to so many folks who say they hung on to clothes that they loved and that it’s incredibly satisfying being able to proudly wear them again.

Tess Ariza
Tess A. lost 14 pounds* on Nutrisystem.

6. You won’t have to settle for anything less.

If you’ve tried other programs or been frustrated by a lack of success in the past, we want you to know there is hope out there. So often we hear folks tell us that Nutrisystem was their “last attempt” or they had “nearly given up.” Many of these people assumed they’d have to settle for the weight they were at—chalking it up to age.

But Tess A. says that Nutrisystem changed her life by helping her realize she did not have to accept her “mom bod” any longer. Nutrisystem showed her that she could get back to “normal” and still enjoy all of the food and treats that she loves.

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*Casting call participant. Complimentary program provided. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.