“Day by day, Nutrisystem has given me the greatest gift of all—my life back.”

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successful weight loss journey

Courtney Anderson says she has struggled with weight since childhood—and as a result, she has struggled to feel accepted. But even more worrisome to Courtney was the fact that she’d been told she was at risk for diabetes because of her weight. After seeing a photo of herself and deciding “enough was enough,” Courtney made the decision to embark on her successful weight loss journey with the help of Nutrisystem and hasn’t looked back since.

Here is Courtney’s amazing, successful weight loss journey:

By Courtney Anderson

Courtney_Anderson_BeforeMy mom was afraid that I may have diabetes since a doctor had previously told me that I was pre-diabetic because of my weight. But I was afraid to go to a doctor for fear that she was right. I thought I’d tried everything under the sun to try and lose weight, or even just maintain weight instead of gaining each time I stepped on the scale.

I have had problems with weight since I was ten years old. I always felt like the fat girl in the class. Once in gym class, a boy asked our teacher if I could be excused from the jumping jacks because he was concerned the floor may break, and even the teacher laughed.

After coming to college, I joined a sorority at one of my points of lower weight fluctuation, and I couldn’t have been happier. Even once the weight continued to creep forward, my sisters always accepted me and treated me exactly the same. But despite their unconditional support, I couldn’t help but feel that I stood out in a bad way for them—that I was just the fat girl in the group. Finally, the week after my twenty-first birthday, I saw a picture of myself out celebrating with friends. I couldn’t believe the girl in the picture was me, and when friends asked me to post pictures from the night, I lied and said I had lost them all because I was so embarrassed.

That night, I researched Nutrisystem and decided enough was enough.

Now, three months later, I can easily say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve lost 23 pounds* and am still going strong. At 165 pounds, I’m now in the healthy range for my height (5’10”), and I’m no longer at risk for diabetes. My mom and I both sleep a little easier at night because of that fact. I now go out to the sorority functions with Courtney Afterpride. I don’t feel like I’m the fat girl in the background but just one of the girls. Even though they never saw me as any different, it makes a huge difference for me.

Each day that I get up and go into my closet, I’m actually excited to decide between all the cute outfits I have. It is so much more fun not to worry about hiding any rolls. I even just posted a picture of myself on Facebook for the first time in six months because I’m no longer embarrassed, and I finally recognize the girl in the picture!

I feel better, I look better and most importantly, my health chart is better. Because of Nutrisystem, I can love looking in the mirror, I can run a mile without being out of breath, and I can worry a lot less that I won’t live to see my children grow older or maybe even not be able to have children at all. Day by day, Nutrisystem has given me the greatest gift of all—my life back.

*Real Success Story. Weight lost on a prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.


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