Announcing the Winners of the Annual $40,000 NutriStar Contest!

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Weight Loss Challenge Winners

Nutrisystem is changing the lives of millions by helping them lose weight, transform their bodies and improve their overall health. Every year, Nutrisystem customers have the chance to be weight loss challenge winners, thanks to the Annual $40,000 NutriStar Giveaway contest.

This year, four Nutrisystem customers have been deemed Weight Loss Champions and were awarded $10,000 each for their incredible success on the program.

The weight loss challenge winners lost a total of 420 pounds* combined on Nutrisystem and in addition to a $10,000 award, they are heading to sunny Tampa, Fla. for a Nutrisystem photo shoot.

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Nutrisystem’s Chief Marketing Officer, Keira Krausz, touched on how inspiring the contest is and what it means to the company.

“The NutriStar Giveaway is a highly-anticipated contest each year,” said Krausz. “Year after year, we receive so many inspirational submissions and it’s always difficult to pick just four winners. This year was no different. What’s most rewarding about this contest and this business in general, is that we get to hear customer stories first-hand and know we helped them to live healthier lives. We are excited to share this year’s winning submissions with you!”

A panel of qualified judges selected these four weight loss challenge winners who transformed their lives with Nutrisystem:

Gina Marie D. – Penn Hills, PA

Weight lost: 109 pounds*

weight loss challenge
Gina after.
weight loss challenge
Gina before Nutrisystem.

For Gina, food had become a primary source of comfort and portion control was an unachievable obstacle. Seeing an unrecognizable picture of herself made Gina realize she needed to make a lifestyle change.

Now, more than 100 pounds less than her starting weight,* Gina is thrilled with her progress and feeling better than ever in her new body. She took the journey one step at a time and reached her goal.

She says, “I called Nutrisystem and took my first step in changing my life two inches at a time. Thank you, Nutrisystem. You truly are my lifesaver!”

John L. – Springfield, IL

Weight lost: 85 pounds*

weight loss challenge
John after.
weight loss challenge
John before Nutrisystem.

Concerned by a dear friend’s weight and his own escalated health risks, which included having Type 2 Diabetes, John said it was time to make a change.

John decided to join his friend to overcome their weight loss hurdles together. Both he and his friend began using Nutrisystem and have both seen great success.

“I found it very easy to plan my meals and the food was good. By the end of the year, I hit my goal weight,” said John. “Thanks to Nutrisystem, I would be ready to tell my story to anyone to help them. I also continue to support my friend with his weight loss goal as well.”

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Amanda P. – Toledo, OH

Weight lost: 100 pounds*

weight loss challenge
Amanda after.
weight loss challenge
Amanda before Nutrisystem.

Throughout most of her life, Amanda struggled with her weight. She tried every dieting fad in the book throughout her formative years, but found little long-term success.

After seeing herself in a vacation photo, Amanda was shocked at the way she looked, and knew it was time to prioritize her weight loss goals and find a plan that would work for her.

“I knew I needed to lose weight for health reasons, but my approach was always on how can I look better, not feel better,” said Amanda. “Even today, every time I think about giving up, I tell myself that I did not work so hard for the past three years to revert to the sad, overweight, tired person I was in that photo. For the first time in my life, I feel like my outside is starting to reflect the person I am on the inside, and I’m extremely thankful.”

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Jonathan W. – Hartford, CT

Weight lost: 130 pounds*

weight loss challenge
John after.
weight loss challenge
John before Nutrisystem.

A routine visit to the doctor, where he was called morbidly obese, opened Jonathan’s eyes to the reality that his weight was a problem. Fearing he would end up having a heart attack at a young age like his grandfather, Jonathan decided it was time to take charge of his health. That’s when he ordered Nutrisystem and began his personal weight loss challenge.

“It’s amazing how easy and successful Nutrisystem is, once you make the leap of faith and stick with it. I feel healthier and look healthier, all thanks to Nutrisystem,” said Jonathan.

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*Individuals on the Nutrisystem® program can expect to lose an average of 1-2 lbs. per week. For more information on Nutrisystem, its program and products, visit