Weight Loss Inspiration: 10 Reasons These Success Stories Started Nutrisystem

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If weight loss is like the “journey of 1,000 miles” of the Chinese proverb, what is that “single step” it begins with?

For the thousands of people who have successfully lost weight on Nutrisystem, it can be surprisingly similar yet distinctly personal: looking amazing at a future wedding, a desire to not feel judged anymore, wanting to fit back into favorite jeans, fear of developing a life-threatening illness, to keep up with kids and grandkids.

Those—and more—were the reasons these 10 success stories started their weight loss journey with Nutrisystem. Here’s what motivated them to take that single step.

1. “I always thought I was being judged.”

“Before Nutrisystem came along, I was struggling with my weight loss. I think finally knowing that I needed to change and that it was time to do something and not procrastinate was part of my journey. I knew that if I continued the way I was going, I could possibly end up with major health issues in the future. I started to avoid doing the things that I loved because I always thought I was being judged. Now, that has changed thanks in part to Nutrisystem and my own motivation to lose weight and become healthier.” – Anthony G.

2. “I wanted to feel good again.”

“I wanted to get healthy and fit into my clothes. I wanted to feel good again. Thanks to Nutrisystem, I got my groove back! I can even wear my skinny jeans again.” – Allison E.

3. “My kids!”

“My kids! I want to have a long life with these little dudes. Nutrisystem has improved by health, happiness, energy and now I feel hungry for life.” – Brianon L.

4. “I was fed up with being miserable.”

“I knew my acting career would never take off if I was at an unhealthy weight. I also was miserable living in a body that wasn’t mine. I couldn’t wear any of my clothes. Basically I was fed up with being miserable. Well, I lost 20 pounds* so far! My clothes are starting to fit again and I’m less winded during physical activity. All of this leads to a happier more confident me!” – Carrisa S.

5. “I joined Nutrisystem to get stronger.”

“I joined Nutrisystem to get stronger. I have never been under 200 pounds in 30+ years. I’m 50 and looking ahead in 15 years, I know that I’ll be retiring. I want to travel and have adventures with my husband. It takes strength and stamina to be an active senior.” – Mireya O.

6. “To feel more like myself.”

“I wanted to keep up with my children and to feel more like myself. I wanted to feel confident.  Nutrisystem has given me a burst of confidence and energy.  I’m excited to continue on the program and inspired to keep going. It’s been a blast. It’s easy and manageable to do.” – Cori H.

7. “I wanted to get back to feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin!”

“I wanted to get back to feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin! Losing weight on Nutrisystem has showed me that I won’t have to accept the ‘mom bod’ anymore. I can get back to “normal” and still enjoy all the foods and treats I love!” – Tess A.

8. “My wedding is next November.”

“My wedding is next November. I want to be thinner for our small ceremony. I’ve lost 30 pounds*, I feel younger, more vital and I sleep more soundly.” – Wyatt G.

9. “I wanted to feel better in my skin and love what I see in the mirror.”

“I wanted to feel better in my skin and love what I see in the mirror. Being on Nutrisystem has jump started my weight loss journey and has been easier than I expected. It makes me truly feel like losing weight without sacrificing taste is possible.” – Charee D.

10. “I was so tired all the time.”

“I was so tired all the time. I was unable to keep up with my boys and my jeans no longer fit me. Nutrisystem has supercharged my health and wellness progress! I’m on my way to my ideal weight and gaining the ability to keep up with my kids and wife.” – Peter L.

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*Casting call participant. Complimentary program provided. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.