“The foods were good, offered me variety, and I could still have chocolate.”

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Knowing that pictures last forever, 52-year-old Tammy Tyson Creech says she was inspired to lose weight before her eldest son’s wedding. Though she’d tried other diets in the past, she had never had much weight loss program success. But with Nutrisystem, she was attracted to the concept of it being a lifestyle change as opposed to just another fad. She also loved the fact that the program offers so much variety. Though she thought it was a long shot, Tammy says she set her sights on going from 157 pounds to 125 for the wedding—and she hit her goal that very day.

Here is Tammy’s inspiring success story:

By Tammy Tyson Creech

Tammy beforeMy journey to achieve weight loss program success began December 2010. My oldest son got engaged and began planning for the wedding. I was so excited for him and really wanted to look good for the wedding, knowing that the pictures would last forever!

At the time, it felt like I was always starting a diet, already on a diet, or just trying to constantly achieve weight loss program success. I had tried low carb, protein and other diet trends in the past, but nothing really worked. I didn’t like keeping up with points, or totally avoiding some foods. I began researching and felt that Nutrisystem offered me the meals and structure that would work for me. So, in March 2011 I got my first order.Tammy after

I found it very easy to stay on the program. The foods were good, offered me variety, and I could still have chocolate. I could also add in grocery store items, which made it more of a lifestyle change. I liked having the lunch bars to grab and eat as I was working or just on-the-go when I needed them.

I began to lose weight immediately. I started a walking routine about a month into the program. My original goal was to go from 157 to 130 pounds. I really wanted to be at 125 pounds, but thought that was too unrealistic! As I tried on dresses for the wedding, I felt that I should work toward the 125. On the day before the wedding I was at 126.4. On the morning of the wedding….125.8*!

*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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