Summer Possibilities

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Right now, you may be getting ready for summer—securing and double-checking vacation reservations, tracking gas prices, making lists of things you’ll want to take with you on vacation. If you find your thoughts wandering these days, you’re not alone. While summer is a hopeful season, there’s also something about it that makes people feel a little wistful.

Your thoughts may drift to summers past, maybe to the time you first sent your kids off to summer camp, or to a favorite family vacation. And it’s possible that in the midst of the good thoughts, there might be other memories, too—some related to your weight. And maybe those memories still make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

While negative memories can be an incentive, there’s no reason to hang on to them. Instead, take some time to shift your thinking. First, vow to not find yourself in any of those negative situations again. Next, make a list of summer-related things you’ve really wanted to do but haven’t, because of your weight, things like buying a new swimsuit, wearing shorts again or going on rides at an amusement park.

Then ask yourself: How many of these things are possible now that you’re losing weight? One of them? All of them? Why not pick one, or one from your own list, and just do it? After all, it’s your time now!