Take a Rest Day

Article posted in: Lifestyle

Today is Sunday, the seventh day, the day of rest. And it just might surprise you to learn that Nutrisystem is a huge fan of rest, and wants you to become one, too.

We don’t mean just sleep. We mean rest. As in sitting around and taking it easy.

Why? We know that if you’re like most of the folks, you live a very busy life. You have a lot of obligations, as well as a lot of things that aren’t obligations but are things you like to do. In short, you have a very full life. And full lives can be tiring.

So every once in a while we think it’s a great idea to do nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. We want you to sit down, put your feet up and take it easy. What’s that, you say? Aren’t I supposed to be getting my exercise? Sure. But part of any exercise program is recovery, the period in which you give your muscles and bones and joints a chance to bounce back from the workout.

Okay, you say, so shouldn’t I be doing something to get ready for the week, or spending some time with the kids? Sure. Spend time with the kids. Read them a story or watch a movie as a family. But make sure you’re in a comfortable chair or even better, on the couch, when you do it. Rest and recovery are good for the mind, good for the body, and good for the soul. Don’t think of it as just a step back. Think of it as the one step back back that let’s take two steps forward.

After all, you work hard. You have it coming to you. So rest. It’s Sunday.