How to Beat Weight Loss Slip Ups

Article posted in: Lifestyle

You went to lunch with the intention of just getting a salad. Instead, you went wildly off your program. French fries. The bread basket. A soda. Things just got worse that night at dinner. So what do you do now? You get right back on that horse. This is how to beat weight loss slip ups.

Whenever you mess up, whatever time of day it is, resolve to go right back on your program immediately. Don’t wait. Don’t say you’ll get to it tomorrow, or, if it’s the weekend, on Monday. Resume your journey on the path right away. Doing that will make all the difference. When it comes to dieting, many tomorrows never come after an eating binge. The next day, your motivation is low, and that’s too often followed by the rationalization, “I did so badly yesterday. I’ll just take one more day off.” You can imagine where things go from there.

Instead of waiting, just start again. If your slip-up happened at lunch, get right back in there with your afternoon snack. Follow that with a Nutrisystem dinner, plus your veggies and salad, and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t tempt fate. It isn’t worth it! Be strong and be smart and do the right thing.