The Power of Forgiveness

Article posted in: Lifestyle

When you talk to yourself, how do you sound? We don’t mean the physical sound, because lots of studies show we all hate the sound of our own voice. No, we mean, what tone do you take with yourself? Are you mean, harsh? Or are you understanding and wise? Chances are you’re really hard on yourself. Well, today The Daily Dose wants to talk with you about the power of forgiveness. Because as important and life-affirming as it is to forgive someone, it’s equally important to be able to forgive yourself when you slip up. And you will slip up. We all do, because it’s as much a part of human nature as the capacity to love.

Let’s say you’re on a Nutrisystem program, and you’re seeing steady progress. You lose a pound or two a week, and people are starting to notice, and you’re clothes are fitting more loosely in the places you want them to, and you’re walking up stairs without having to pause for breath on the landing. That’s where you should be telling yourself, “Great job. Keep it up.”

Then let’s say you have a big week filled with weight loss traps: a work trip with lots of meetings and dinners in restaurants, and a family party on the weekend. You’re tired and stressed because of work, and your sister-in-law has made that five-layer Mexican dip that you love so much. Next time you get on the scale, you’ve gained back one pound.

What do you do? Do you beat yourself up for making a very simple, very human mistake? Or do you say, “Well, you live and you learn. I won’t make that mistake again. Nobody’s perfect.”

We say you should choose the power of forgiveness. If you beat yourself up, you’re adding weight to your burden, and we all carry enough baggage through life with us. We say, don’t add to your load. By forgiving yourself, you’ll be able to move on, more quickly and with a spring in your step. Forgive yourself, and move on.