Video Recipe: #VeggieSexy Arugula

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Nutrisystem’s #VeggieSexy video recipe series continues with this super-simple demonstration of how to prepare a Nutrisystem pizza with tasty arugula. It’s an unlimited vegetable on the Nutrisystem program, and one that packs tons of flavor. So watch Nutrisystem dietitian Mandi Knowles as she does as they do in Italy and adds mounds of fresh arugula to her pizza. Boun appetito!


Prepare one Nutrisystem pizza by following the directions on the box. Add fresh arugula to taste.


Mandi Knowles: Arugula is an unlimited vegetable on the Nutrisystem program, and it can give your food unlimited flavor. So today we’re going to use it just like they do in Italy, to top our pizza.

To make the thick-crust pizza, first you’re going to take it out of the box, put the box on a microwave-safe plate, spread the sauce on the crust and top with the shredded cheese. Put it in the microwave on high for 45 seconds to one minute.

So after the pizza is done all you do is simply top the pizza with the arugula, and use as much as you like. I like a lot of arugula.

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