Weight Loss 9-1-1

Article posted in: Lifestyle

When you started the Nutrisystem program, you took the first step in what will hopefully be a lifetime commitment to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. As with any journey, this one will have both ups and downs. We celebrate the ups, those scale-changing celebrations and the non-scale victories like compliments and looser-fitting clothes.

But nobody ever wants to talk about the challenging times. The truth is that those times can happen, and for most dieters, they represent a real May Day, a weight loss 911. The good news is that there is hope; there are ways to deal with any challenge.

So this in Nutrisystem this week, we’re going to tackle—head-on—some of the more common diet pitfalls. We’ll talk about them and then give you some stop-the-slide tricks to get back on track again.

If you’ve ever been discouraged or wondered whether it’s going to be possible for you to reach your weight loss goals, don’t miss the next six days! Be sure to check back tomorrow, and all week!