Weight Loss A to Z, Part Four

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

The Leaf is working its way through an alphabetical list of important weight loss tips, topics and advice. Here’s Part Four, featuring topics starting with the letters P through T. The list will conclude tomorrow.

P is for Protein. Protein is the building block nutrient. Every cell in our body requires protein to exist, and science has long placed a premium on human consumption of protein. Having said that, here’s a handy way to think of how much protein you should eat: When you look at your plate at mealtime, the lean protein portion of the meal should take up only a quarter of the plate, less than the size of a deck of cards.

Q is for Quality Time. Having a partner in weight loss helps. Several studies have shown that people who have a partner—think of it as a wing man—who is also trying to lose weight lose it more successfully than those going it alone. Choose someone you like.

R is for Relaxation. It might sound odd, but an important step in revving your metabolism is to let it relax. We all live pretty fast-paced life, and stress can mount and take a toll on your body. Be sure to build some time into your day to relax a little bit, whether it’s a refreshing nap or just a little time to meditate.

S is for Sleep. Want to lose weight? Be sure to get enough sleep. Studies have shown that people who get at least eight hours of sleep each night are less prone to obesity and diabetes. Sleep deprivation causes a rise in the levels of hormones that make the body hold on to fat, and trick the body into thinking it’s hungry.

T is for Thiamine. Also known as Vitamin B1, thiamine is an essential nutrient found in foods including nuts, yeast, cereal grains and meat. The most important role thiamine plays in the body is that of carbohydrate catalyst: if you want to digest your carbies, be sure to have enough thiamine in your diet.