Weight Loss After Surgery

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Erica was often depressed because of her debilitating back pain. At 27, she was discouraged and frustrated because she couldn’t join in activities she had enjoyed her whole life, such as softball, walking and swimming—all of which became increasingly more difficult because she was in constant pain. Her inability to live her life led her back to an old habit: emotional eating. She turned to food to deal with the physical and mental pain caused by her back problems, and she gained weight. In November 2013, Erica underwent spinal fusion surgery on her lower back. As part of her recovery, she knew it would be vital to shed the extra weight, but she wondered if her physical limitations from the surgery would make it a struggle to reach her goal.

Having found success with Nutrisystem years before, she decided in January 2014 to try it again; she loved the structure and variety of the new program. She did Fast 5 in the first week and lost 4 pounds*—but was still sure she had a long road ahead of her, simply because exercise would be nearly impossible for the first nine months after her surgery. But she remained undaunted. Despite her limitations and the brutal challenges of her rehab, she found the strength to keep going.

To her surprise, she was still able to lose weight consistently, week after week, with basically no effort. The delicious Nutrisystem food, mixed with smart planning, proved to be a winning combination. Other than some physical therapy, she only worked out a handful of times—and still lost 38 pounds.* People even asked if she spent all of her free time in the gym, because they couldn’t believe that Nutrisystem could have gotten her so far on its own. But it did.

Erica’s road to recovery may have been long and difficult, but her weight loss wasn’t. By following the Nutrisystem program carefully—eating portion- and calorie-controlled meals at regular intervals so she always felt satisfied—she was able to shed pounds. She used her recovery time to improve her state of mind and to dedicate herself to making the lifestyle changes she needed to get her life back. And that included Nutrisystem, which she credits with changing her perception of herself: at long last, she loves the person in the mirror looking back at her.

Today, Erica loves working out at the gym four or five times a week, and she’s looking forward to reaching another long-awaited goal: she’s going on a beach vacation in May and doesn’t plan to hide behind a cover-up! With her improved health, she’s also excited about the possibility of starting a family with her husband, Chad. Once depressed, she now has hope for a bright future.

*Results vary depending on starting weight and program adherence. Compensated customer.