Weight Loss for Moms: Lori’s Amazing Journey

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After her battle with cancer, Lori B. never thought she’d be a mom. Her ability to have kids seemed out of the question. So, you can only imagine her shock and enthusiasm when, at the age of 35, she found out she was pregnant with a baby girl. Then came another girl. And, at 39, a newborn boy.

“Because we started so late in the game, we knew things would be different,” says Lori. “But after the birth of my last child, I realized I wasn’t being the fun mom anymore. I was tired all the time.”

before lori weight loss for moms
Lori never used to think about being a mom, let alone how it could effect her weight.

So what happened?

The weight she gained with such a quick round of pregnancies was bringing her down. And, she wasn’t alone. Her husband, Oscar, also struggling with his weight, was convinced it was time they make a serious change.

“We need to do this,” he told Lori.

Lori explains they, “had become spectators in our life watching our kids grow up, rather than participating in that growth.”

More than just being around for her kids, years down the road, Lori wished to be engaged with her kids. “There is

after lori weigjt loss for moms
Today, Lori has weight loss for moms down to a science.

a difference between being there for your kids and being present for them.”

And her three children didn’t just spark the change. They kept her going strong.

“My kids motivated me every day by noticing the changes I was making.” They’d say things like, “hey mom, you look great today,” and, “hey mom, you gonna pack your healthy food today?” The fact that they were picking up on her changes and commenting on them, added fuel to her fire.

Lori lovingly recounts her experience two and a half months into her Nutrisytem program, when her eldest daughter kept repeating the phrase, “gosh, mom, you look so young.”

Lori’s explanation? “It was just, I think, the light that was inside of me, realizing I was losing weight… I was feeling great about myself again.”

Fast forward to today, and Lori has lost 40 (yes, 40!) pounds on Nutrisystem.*Casting call participant. Complimentary program provided. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week on program.

She’s a completely different person inside and out. Over spring break, she took her children to a waterpark, but didn’t bring a book and sit on the side like some other moms and the old Lori would have done. This time, she proudly road a waterslide WITH them.

Back home, at her kids’ games, she doesn’t watch idly on the side, she coaches.

Lori’s lifestyle is something she refers to as “living in color.”

Lori is not only a Nutrisystem success, she’s a success in life, and only wishes the same for everyone else. She proves that weight loss for moms can change lives.

Lori’s Weight Loss Q&A:

1. What’s your biggest advice to your kids about living a healthy lifestyle?

lori family weight loss for moms
Oh… and Lori made sure to live it up in Disney with her family.

“Portion control! I used to eat everything that was in front of me, and life is about living, but there’s a time and a place… there’s cake everywhere, you don’t have to eat everything that’s in front of you.”

2. What’s your favorite motivational quote?

“Life is in progress… keep moving!”

3. How do you fit Nutrisystem into your busy life?

“Bars for field trips.”

4. Favorite Nutrisystem dinner?

Cheddar Broccoli Rice

5. What’s your favorite way to prepare a certain veggie?

“Steam Broccoli.”

6. How do you prefer to exercise?

“Playing with the kids (Capture the Flag, nightly)!”