What to Do After a Bad Weight Loss Day. Or Two.

Article posted in: Lifestyle

The kids were out of school for a couple of days this week because the teachers were at a convention. It happens every November, and every November we take the same trip, to one of those old time hotels with tons and tons of activities and three giant meals a day. And every November we say we’re not going to eat everything they put in front of us, every sandwich cookie bash, every bowl of Italian wedding soup, every basket of smiley fries. And every year we eat it all, and every year we regret it.

Hey, we’re human. And we know that sometimes when you’re on a weight loss program, you falter. And we also know that when you falter, you pick yourself right back up as soon as you can and start all over again.

So that’s what we’re doing today. We’re getting right back on the program. Climbing back on the horse, as it were.

That means we’re eating regular meals of healthy food. We’re not skipping meals, trying to go into calorie deficit to make up for the days when we ate too may calories. If you skip meals, you’re more likely to get really hungry and binge later.

We’re drinking lots of water to stay full.

We’re believing in ourselves. Sure, it can be hard. But we have this.

We went back to the gym for a little exercise, because we always feel better about ourselves after we exercise.

We spent some time with a good friend, our weight loss buddy, who understands exactly what we’re going through because she’s been through it, too. She doesn’t judge. She listens and encourages.

Just like we’re encouraging you. We all have bad days. Climb right back on that horse and make today a good day.