Win Big with the New Year NuMi Challenge

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new year NuMi challenge

Losing weight is now a lot more rewarding (and fun!), thanks to the New Year NuMi App Challenge, a fun and easy challenge during which participants earn FREE food and gifts, special discounts and more just by using NuMi.

So how does it work? It’s simple: There are seven, two-week challenges that will take place through March 26th. Each challenge will require you to complete easy tasks using NuMi.

We’ll notify you via NuMi every time a new challenge kicks off, and tell you what tasks you have to complete to win your prize. Tasks will range from logging your food and water intake to tracking your weight and activity. Complete the tasks before that specific challenge closes, and we’ll reward you with exclusive prizes ranging from free foods to special offers.*

The best part? Everyone who successfully completes a challenge wins!

And, you don’t have to start on January 1st to participate. This challenge has a rolling start date meaning whenever you sign up for or download NuMi, you’ll be able to start participating that following Sunday.

If you’re already using NuMi, you’re all set to start on January 1st with the first challenge. Just make sure your phone is set up to receive push notifications (usually this can be done in “Settings”).

Not using NuMi? What are you waiting for? Download NuMi for iPhone and Android through Google Play or the App Store today! Or, check out NuMi on your desktop by clicking here. Once you’re signed in, you’ll get your New Year NuMi Challenge communications through your News Feed (top, right corner of the screen). Just remember: New challenges will kick off on Sundays.

*All prizes and offers will be available the Sunday following that specific challenge’s end date.