With a Do-Over, You’re In Control

Article posted in: Lifestyle

A bad haircut. Those horrible words you said to your last boyfriend or to your wife. We all have things we regret doing, things we wish we could take back or undo. Unfortunately, though, much in life is the real deal and set in stone once it’s in the past. What’s done is done. But here’s the good news: we know of one big exception. Yes, weight! Whatever shape you’re in right now, it can be changed. You get a do-over. And with a do-over, you’re in control.

Isn’t that great?

Not many times do we get to fix something or take back an error in judgment, but when it comes to our weight, and how we got that way, that’s exactly what we get to do. We get a second chance. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Now is the perfect time to give yourself that second chance and focus big time on becoming healthier, and downright happier. Make things different, starting today. Stick to your guns and realize you really can “undo” any damage that’s been done, lose weight, and create a whole new and improved you. People do it all the time.

And now it’s your turn.