10 Things Never to Say to Someone Losing Weight

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

When you’re trying to lose weight, people come out of the woodwork with advice. Below is our handy guide of things to never—ever—say to someone trying to lose weight.

10. Come on! One slice won’t kill you!

9. Are you getting enough sleep? You seem really cranky.

8. I thought you said you were trying to lose weight.

7. Hey! Donuts in the break room!

6. Wow. You really ARE all about the bass.

5. Good for you!

4. You know, personally, I’ve never had to watch what I eat. I just have a naturally high metabolism.

3. You know what your really should do…

2. No, no, no. You’re just big-boned.

1. Oh, you can start up again on Monday.

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