11 Green Smoothie Recipes That Will Rock Your World

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Green smoothie

We love green smoothies. That’s because they make for a super simple (and delicious!) way to load up on all kinds of body-boosting nutrients. Plus, it’s really easy to customize the ingredients so that you create one you actually crave (and don’t have to hold your nose just to toss back).

And, for the non-veggie lovers among us, green smoothies are a great vehicle for sneaking in those good-for-you greens without actually having to taste them.

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Here are 11 of our favorite healthy green smoothie recipes:

Give them a go, then be sure to share your own go-to green smoothie recipe!

1. Green Goddess Smoothie >

green goddess smoothie
This delicious Green Goddess Smoothie features a variety of good-for-you ingredients like spinach, lemon, ginger, honey and chia seeds, sure to leave you feeling clean and lean.

2. Peachy Green Ginger Smoothie >

peachy green ginger smoothie
You’ll love the flavor of this Peachy Green Ginger Smoothie, which includes frozen peaches and banana, plus spinach, almond milk and ginger.

3. Mango Madness Green Smoothie >

mango smoothie
This delicious mango smoothie, which includes your Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake, frozen banana and mango slices, plus spinach, honey and almond milk, isn’t just brimming with nutrition… it’s full of flavor, too!

4. Kiwi Vanilla Smoothie >

kiwi vanilla
You’ll love this Kiwi Vanilla Smoothie, which uses your Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake (or any of your favorite protein shakes), banana slices, kiwi and kale.

5. PB & Berry Green Smoothie >

PB & Berry
Try this delicious PB & Berry Smoothie for a delicious drink that’s loaded with nutrition, thanks to the addition of banana, blueberries, kale, peanut butter and almond milk.

6. Lean, Green, Grape Machine Smoothie >

Lean, Green, Grape Machine
Your body (and taste buds!) will thank you for this delicious and nutritious green smoothie, which uses frozen red grapes to sweeten up spinach and almond milk.

7. Kale ‘Em with Green-ness Smoothie >

kale smoothie
This delicious Kale ‘Em with Greenness Smoothie is surprisingly sweet, thanks to the addition of red apple (feel free to try it with green apple… we love all greens!), Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake mix and frozen banana, which masks the slight bitterness of kale.

While technically not green in color, these delicious smoothies also include a healthy dose of leafy greens, winning them a spot in our line-up of top green smoothies you’re sure to love:

8. Vanilla Lime Milkshake >

vanilla lime
This delicious Vanilla Lime Milkshake featuring fat-free vanilla yogurt, fat-free milk, frozen banana, spinach leaves, dried dates, plus lime juice and vanilla extract, is so tasty, you’ll have a hard time believing it’s healthy!

9. Green Tropics Smoothie >

green tropics smoothie
We probably shouldn’t tell you this, but this delicious Green Tropics Smoothie is probably our favorite smoothie OF ALL TIME. Featuring frozen pineapple and banana, plus spinach, coconut water and Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake, this refreshing treat is like a piece of paradise in every pour.

10. Berry Green Smoothie >

blueberry smoothie
This Berry Green Smoothie is a delicious way to sneak some extra greens into your day. To make it, just blend your Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake (or any of your favorite protein powders) with unsweetened almond milk, frozen berries, kale and a splash of water. Simple… and delicious!

11. Mint Chocolate Smoothie >

mint chocolate
Featuring your Chocolate Nutrisystem Shake, a splash of mint extract, water and ice, plus a half cup of kale for added nutrition, this Mint Chocolate Smoothie is super simple… and super delicious!