13 Kitchen Hacks to Make Healthy Living Easier

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Here at The Leaf, we try to give you all the tools you need to succeed at healthy living. From articles about nutrition and fitness to guilt-free, delicious recipes, we strive to empower you with relevant information and resources.

That’s why we recently introduced our new #HealthyHowTo Video Series, which offers up quick tutorials on useful kitchen hacks sure to serve you well on your path to healthy. If you haven’t seen any of these videos yet, don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered here with 11 of our favorite #HealthyHowTo kitchen hacks, sure to make healthy living even easier:

1. Core a Strawberry Like a Pro
Strawberries aren’t just full of body-boosting nutrients like vitamin C and fiber, their vibrant red hue also makes them a decorative addition to any plate or spread. Make them even more beautiful (and avoid losing half the fruit to chopping) with this super simple kitchen hack for coring a strawberry, which leaves your fruit looking its “berry” best!

2. De-Seed Pomegranate without the Mess
Pomegranate seeds (or, more formally, arils) aren’t just delicious, they’re good for you, too. At just 72 calories a cup, pomegranate arils go light on your waistline, and heavy on antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and fiber. Some research suggests that eating pomegranate seeds regularly may be protective against cancer and diabetes. Other research suggests that those little good-for-you gems may help reduce risk of heart disease as well.

The only trouble with this tasty superfood is that every time you try to eat it, you’re caught red-handed… literally! Reap all the benefits of pomegranate seeds without any of the mess with this simple kitchen hack:

3. Make Delicious Melon Kebabs with a Spoon or Scoop
Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do with the kids or grandkids, you need a tasty treat to bring to a party, or you just want something delicious (and beautiful!) to enjoy, these mouthwatering Melon Kebabs are the perfect pick. Not only are they full of fresh fruit flavor, they take mere seconds to make.

4. Slice a Whole Container of Cherry Tomatoes at Once

Cherry tomatoes make great additions to salads, wraps, pasta dishes and more. And now, adding them to these dishes is even easier thanks to this super simple kitchen hack that makes it easy to slice a bunch in half in one fell swoop! Bonus: This simple trick also works well with grapes and olives as well!

5. Make Guacamole in Seconds

We love guacamole. Featuring flavorful avocado, and a few simple veggies and spices, it’s a delicious way to load up on healthy fats and a whole host of body-boosting nutrients. Plus, it makes a perfect spread for sandwiches and wraps, and makes a divine dip for veggies.

Perhaps our favorite thing about guac, though, is how simple it is to make. Sure, you could opt to use a fancy blender, food processor or mortar and pestle, but why bother making a mess when you can just use a plastic bag? Check out this simple hack for preparing guacamole using just a bag… and your hands:

6. Peeling Garlic Made Simple
Garlic lends delicious flavor to foods, making it something of a culinary staple in most kitchens. But the benefits of this potent perennial don’t stop there. Preliminary research has demonstrated that garlic consumption may play a role in the prevention of heart disease, cancer and possibly even Alzheimer disease.

The only trouble with garlic (aside from the whole bad breath thing!) is the time it takes to peel it. Removing that papery membrane can be a bit tricky and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be! Try this simple trick for peeling garlic in mere seconds:

7. Soften Butter Without the Wait
“Add softened butter.” It sounds so simple. So unassuming. But anyone who has ever cooked anything knows how frustrating it can be to arrive at that step in a recipe. That’s because softening butter is something of an art. Sure, you can microwave it. But oftentimes that ends in a liquidy mess that can compromise the quality of your recipe. Or, you can opt for the let-it-melt method. Just be prepared to clear your calendar because waiting for rock-hard butter to break down can take quite a chunk of time.

The next time a recipe calls for softened butter, let the worry melt away. Here’s a simple method to speed up the wait time while preserving the quality of this culinary staple:

8. Peel a Mango – 2 Ways
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cut and peel a mango. Watch this quick video tutorial to learn how to prep the delicious produce two different (but equally simple!) ways:

9. Separate an Egg in Seconds
Does your recipe call for egg whites? Crack the code on how to seamlessly separate an egg using just your hands and a bowl with this quick video:

10. Peel Ginger the Easy Way
We love ginger. That’s because in addition to adding delicious flavor to food, it’s also a natural antihistamine and decongestant, which means it can help relieve even the worst cold symptoms without any of the unpleasant side effects.

Research has also suggested that ginger has anti-nausea benefits, and can boost anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity within the body. Add a few slices of fresh ginger to stir-fries or soups, or make a cup of ginger tea. Simply simmer a two-inch piece of fresh ginger root in two cups of water, then flavor it with a little honey and lemon. On Nutrisystem, ginger is a Free Food.

11. Pit a Plum in Seconds
We love plums. Not only are they a delicious addition to fruit salads, grain salads, trail mixes and more, they’re also packed with nutrition your body needs like vitamin C. They’re also fat-free, cholesterol-free and sodium-free, making them a great addition to any weight loss diet.

The only downside to this delicious stone fruit is, well… the stone! There’s nothing worse than biting into a juicy plum only to have your teeth sink into that rock hard pit. Try this simple way of slicing up this favorite fruit, and your teeth (and your taste buds!) will thank you:

12. Pit an Avocado Super Fast
Full of healthy fats and delicious flavor, avocados are one of our favorite go-to snacks. It doesn’t hurt that they are completely versatile: You can mash them for dips or sandwich spreads, use them as tasty salad toppers, or throw them in a smoothie as a thickener.

The only trouble? Before you dig in, you have to remove the pit. Make it easy on yourself with this simple trick:

13. Open an Impossible Jar in Seconds
There’s nothing worse than not being able to open a perfectly fine jar of sauce or veggies because the lid is screwed on too tightly. You twist, you turn, but it’s a lost cause: That lid is just not budging. Sure you could pound away at it using the handle of a butter-knife, but that obnoxious bang is unnecessary, thanks to this simple trick that uses an every-day item to open a jar that’s stuck: