29 Things Never to Say to Someone on a Diet

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If you’ve ever tried to lose weight you know: it’s not exactly a cakewalk. It requires discipline and a whole lot of willpower. There are tasty temptations lurking at every corner and plenty of reasons to ditch your diet.

Add to that a poor support system, and you’ve got yourself the perfect storm.

Research suggests that friends and family members can help or hinder your weight loss efforts. In a study published in the journal Obesity (Silver Spring) in 2014, people with loved ones and coworkers who supported their healthy habits lost weight while those with family members who undermined their healthy eating efforts gained weight. These findings suggest that no matter how committed you are to a healthier and happier you, unsupportive loved ones can sabotage your slim-down.

Not sure if your family and friends fall into that category? Here are 29 things you should never say to someone who is trying to lose weight. If your loved ones are guilty of saying any of these statements, maybe it’s time for a heart-to-heart about why it’s important to you that they get on board. Not sure how? We’ve got you covered here.

1. “Should you really be eating that?”
2. “Just one donut won’t kill you.”
3. “You had a rough day. You deserve it.”
4. “You know what diet worked for me?”
5. “Personally, I think you look better with some meat on your bones.”

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6. “You’ve been heavy your whole life. Why start dieting now?”
7. “When are you due?”
8. “You’re always so cranky when you’re dieting. Call me when you’re ready to be fun again.”
9. “You have to try my [insert calorie-laden casserole or dessert here]. I made it just for you!”
10. “Calories don’t count on the weekend.”

11. “But it’s [insert random coworker’s name here]’s birthday! You have to have cake.”
12. “You’re getting so cocky now that you’ve lost weight.”
13. “You look too skinny/sick. You looked better before.”
14. “Lunch is on me!”
15. “Your mom’s heavy, your grandmom’s heavy. It’s in your blood. Why fight it?”

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16. “You’re the funny one. Leave the skinny stuff to your sister.”
17. “You’ve tried this a million times before and it never works. Just give it up.”
18. “Just exercise it off.”
19. “I must just have a super fast metabolism because I never have to watch what I eat.”
20. “Really, you lost [insert number here] pounds?! I can’t really tell.”

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21. “You’re just going to gain it all back anyway.”
22. “I noticed you cleared your whole plate. So much for that diet!”
23. “Look how sweaty you are! See, that’s why I never exercise. Gross!”
24. “There’s this amazing all-you-can eat buffet just up the road from here.”
25. “OMG, I have to tell you about this dessert I had last night.”

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26. “Just give up carbs and fats, and eat celery. You’ll be skinny in no time.”
27. “Only 50 more pounds to go!”
28. “It’s not that hard—just stop eating so much.”
29. “When you start eating again, can we go to that great Mexican place and pig out?”