3 Excellent Bits of Weight Loss Advice

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Nutrisystem knows what you like: advice on how to stick to your weight loss program. So we’re in the midst of a tips bonanza. Here are three more can’t-miss weight loss tips. One is about food, one is about drinks, and one is about the temperature in your house. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more helpful bits of info.

  • Turn down the temperature in your house or apartment. If you usually keep the thermostat set at 72 degrees, turn it down a notch to 70. This will force your body to burn more calories in order to warm you up. You’ll get used to the new temperature after a few weeks. So then lower it again, to 68.
  • A morning dose of protein—like from peanut butter, eggs, almonds or Greek yogurt—can help stem sugar cravings later in the day. Always be sure to include some protein in your breakfast or morning snack. By taking this step, you’re more likely to avoid that burning 3 pm desire for a candy bar.
  • As soon as you get out of bed in the morning, drink a big glass of cold water, and drink cold water all day long. Studies have shown that drinking cold rather than room-temperature water will force your body to burn more calories all day. Your body has to warm the water to bring it up to body temperature to be digested. This process, called thermogenesis, pushes water’s calorie numbers into the negative, meaning that just drinking cold water will help you actively burn calories.