3 Ways to Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

Article posted in: Lifestyle

A recent Finnish study of 80 adults has found that active, working adults weigh the most on Sunday and Monday and lose weight during the week, with weight gain starting up again on Saturday. The study is great affirmation of what anybody who ever started a weight loss program knows: weekends are tough. You may not move around as much as you do during the week, seeking the comfort and solace of a couch and a good book over your usual weekday trip to the gym. And parties and other kinds of social gatherings abound, along with temptations to go stray from the true path of your weight loss plan. Sometimes, weekends are one big trap.

But they don’t have to be. Here are a few tips to help you keep the momentum going and avoid weekend weight gain.

1. Keep Moving
Gravity is a true force of nature, so on weekends you may find yourself being pulled toward the couch by a power you may not understand. Fight the power by getting your daily dose of movement, breaking the suggested 30 minute minimum into easy blocks of 10-minute walks, yoga or stair climbing. Weekends are a great time to head to the park for a walk or easy run, or to hit the bike trail for a spin. Are you a gym rat? Most health clubs have extra classes on weekends.

2. Don’t Get Hungry
Remember that one of the keys to losing weight is to maintain steady blood sugar levels by eating regularly. That’s pretty easy to do when you’re at the office and can reach into your desk drawer for some almonds, but it can be trickier when you’re on the go on the weekend. Be sure to pre-pack some snacks like almonds or carrot sticks and carry them with you so you can satisfy cravings and avoid sugar spikes.

3. Order Wisely
Weekends can mean more dining out, so remember to order wisely. Skip appetizers and bread baskets and focus more on salads and entrees with lean proteins and vegetables. And don’t be shy about asking for lemon water or a takeout box: portions are huge these days and easily can be split in two to save calories today and serve up lunch tomorrow.