4 Easy Ways to Lose Weight This Week

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

You’re working hard, sticking to the weight loss program, doing everything you’re supposed to be doing. But the numbers on the scale haven’t budged in a couple of days after dropping like a safe down an elevator shaft. You want that feeling of seeing your weight drop. So what can you do to get the numbers moving in the right direction, and now? Here are four tips guaranteed to help you lose weight this week.

Exercise: Not only will you feel better if you move around some, you’ll lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. If you’re being careful about sticking with your Nutrisystem program, you’re most likely consuming fewer calories than you burn through your basic daily movements. Stoke that fire a bit by going for a walk, riding a bike or taking a yoga class.

Eat: Study after study has shown that by eating several small weight loss meals and healthy snacks a day, especially the kind with lots of vegetables and some fruit, you’ll feel full and eat fewer total calories. By starving yourself, you’re more likely to binge and consume too many calories. Bottom line: Stay full, my friends.

Sleep: It’s not as if you’ll lose weight by sleeping 12 hours a night—I wish—but we all function best on about 7.5 hours of good sleep per night. If you’re only getting five, say, you’re more likely to have a whacked-out metabolism that produces an imbalance of the hormones that tell you when to eat and when to stop. Get a proper night’s sleep, and your hormones will be sending the right signals about eating.

Drink Cold Water: It’s important on any weight loss program to drink a lot of water. Research shows that downing a couple of glasses of water before sitting down to eat can make you feel full faster and help you eat less, thus slicing calories. But cold water ups the ante, by demanding your body burn calories to warm the water. Drinking gallons of cold water won’t help you lose a ton of weight, but if you’re drinking water anyway, make sure it’s cold.

Stop asking yourself, “How much weight can I lose in a week?” Follow these weight loss tips and see.