4 Flat Belly Snacks You’ll Love

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Fresh avocado toasts with alfalfa sprouts and cilantro

Think you have to spend hours doing crunches or log hundreds of miles on the treadmill to achieve the stomach of your dreams? Not exactly. As the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen. That’s why we’re here to teach you how to prepare delicious snacks that help you achieve a flat belly!

Eat your way to a flat belly with these simple tips and snacks:

Start with the Basics

There are a couple key nutrients that play a role in beating belly bloat. Chief among them? Probiotics and fiber. Consuming foods rich in probiotics can improve your gut health and aid in digestion, keeping things moving and doing away with bloat.
Fiber is the go-to nutrient in a healthy diet and has long been promoted by doctors and dietitians. Fiber increases gut motility preventing constipation and keeping you satisfied longer after your meal. A study published in Today’s Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that eating 30 grams of fiber every day can aid in weight loss. Of course, reaching your ideal body weight is the first step in finding that flat stomach.

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Avoid These

When it comes to a flat belly, what you don’t eat may be even more important than what you do. Carbonated drinks add to gas trapped in the digestive track, increasing bloating. A carbonated can of soda will add bloat and extra calories to your diet. Both are enemies of a flat stomach.
Foods with excessive sodium will increase water retention in the body. Bloating and water retention are your flat belly’s worst nightmare. Avoiding takeout, cooking at home and limiting added salt in your home-cooked meals will lower your overall sodium intake.

Skipping meals doesn’t help either. Snacking on healthy foods in between meals has been associated with weight loss and maintenance in countless studies. Research has shown eating healthy snacks between meals will keep you from feeling ravenous come meal-time. You’ll make better food choices and control your portions when you’re not shoveling whatever is available into your hungry mouth.

So what should you snack on for a flat belly? Here is a list of superstar snacks that contain all the flat belly nutrients you’re looking for:

Greek Yogurt

Double your snacking fun with double the protein of traditional yogurt. Greek yogurt also contains probiotics, one of our favorite flat belly nutrients. One cup of nonfat Greek yogurt counts as one PowerFuel for those following the Nutrisystem program. Add fresh berries or nuts to increase your fiber and healthy fats to your snack. Be sure to choose plain yogurt to avoid excess sugar and calories.

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Are you craving an afternoon snack? Bananas aren’t just for breakfast. A banana is packed with potassium and healthy carbohydrates. These healthy carbs may give your metabolism a boost while keeping you fuller longer. Bananas also help fight the belly busting bloat by preventing water retention and regulating sodium levels. And they’re super portable and easy to throw in your bag while you run through your busy day. One medium banana counts as one SmartCarb on the Nutrisystem program.


Don’t be scared of nuts. Yes, nuts are high in calories and fats, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a weight loss super hero when eaten in proper portions. Studies have demonstrated that the protein, fiber and healthy fat combination found in nuts help shed body fat and increase weight loss. As we know, losing body fat is the key to showing off those abs. Aim for around 11 almonds as a perfectly portioned snack. Choose unsalted to avoid added sodium which will increase fluid retention and bloat.

Avocado Toast

Avocado’s healthy fats and fiber combine for a belly-busting snack you’ll love. A recent study has shown people who eat avocado daily have a smaller waistline than those who don’t. The healthy fat found in avocados increases satiety and helps keep your gut healthy. A healthy gut keeps bloating to a minimum. An eighth of an avocado counts as one extra on the Nutrisystem program. A single portion of avocado can contain two grams of fiber. Spread over whole grain bread for a fiber loaded flat belly snack. (Check out these other delicious ways to transform your toast!)