4 Smart Drink Swaps

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Water: You know your body needs it for many, many reasons. Your doctor tells you to drink more of it, so does your mother and hair stylist. Even we have sung the health praises of water time and time again. And we’re all right.


Sometimes maybe you just don’t feel like drinking water: you’re meeting a friend for coffee, and want coffee; you’re craving some fizz in your lunch beverage; or you’re headed to happy hour with full intentions of ordering a cocktail. And sometimes, that’s all fine, too. Just keep in mind that liquid calories (and sugar) can add up really fast. Here are four smart drink swaps that make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite drinks now and then without sabotaging your weight-loss.

Instead of: Frozen blended coffee
Drink: Iced Coffee
Even after you add milk and sugar, you still save at least 100 calories in some cases, more than 200 calories in others. All those add-ins count, too: each pump of flavored syrup dumps 20 extra calories and 5 more grams of sugar into your drink, and that light and fluffy whipped cream is anything but, weighing in at up to 110 calories. So the simpler, the better.

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Instead of: Soda
Drink: Sparkling Water and a splash of Juice
You still get fizz, you still get flavor, but for a fraction of the calories and sugar. A 12-ounce can of cola has 152 calories and almost 40 grams of sugar―that’s the equivalent of about 10 teaspoons! Pour yourself the same amount of flavored seltzer for no calories, or about 10 ounces of plain carbonated water with two ounces of your favorite 100% fruit juice. Not a good substitution: Diet soda. Why? Read the article below (2 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight) to find out.

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Instead of: Chai tea latte
Drink: Brewed tea
At one big coffee house, a medium chai latte contains 240 calories and 42 grams of sugar. A medium vanilla chai at another popular coffee place has 330 calories, and even more sugar. Opt for a brewed tea and you start at 0 calories. Add a little milk, some honey or sugar, and powdered spices if available and you’re drinking roughly 50 calories.

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Instead of: Wine
Drink: Spritzer
Although we recommend staying away from alcohol altogether, if you’re going to do it, opt for a spritzer instead of that calorie-laden glass of wine. It’s a simple way to cut calories. A glass of white or red wine can range from about 120 to 125 for 5 ounces. A spritzer is half a serving of wine, half club soda (0 calories) with a twist of lime or lemon, if you so desire.