4 Tips for a Better Breakfast

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

September is National Better Breakfast Month (NBBM). Not to be confused with National Hot Breakfast Month, which occurs in February, NBBM is designed to encourage people to eat a healthy breakfast. And why not? After all, you haven’t eaten anything in six to eight hours, right? We’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that we should eat breakfast like a king, etc, etc, and I do have to admit to a particular fondness for vegetable omelets and wheat toast, my usual breakfast isn’t always as tasty. Here are a few tips for making your breakfast not just the most important meal of the day, but the best.

Add Superfoods: Any list of foods you must have in your diet includes Greek yogurt, berries and nuts. So make a breakfast power parfait by layering anti-oxidant-rich blueberries with calcium and protein powerhouse Greek yogurt and almonds and hazelnuts to create a satisfying, delicious and nutritionally dense breakfast.

Plan Ahead: That parfait described above is simple to make and stores well in a container in the fridge. Make it before going to bed the night before and you can grab it to take to work, or enjoy at the table with your family.

You Do Not Live on Coffee Alone: An increasing body of research shows that coffee can be a valuable aid in weight loss programs—caffeine can rev your metabolism—but it’s not meant to be your only breakfast food. You need to supplement your morning jolt with healthy food. Plus: be careful not to overload your morning drink with sugar or high-fat milk and cream.

Slow It Down: It can be hard to bound of bed and have a conversation, but breakfast can present an excellent opportunity to check in with your family and loved ones, a chance to talk about the upcoming day. If your schedule allows, try to sit down together to share a meal before everyone rushes off to school and work.