5 Reasons to Hit the Indoor Pool This Winter

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By land or by sea, exercise is an important part of health and wellness. We’ve all tackled the treadmill, spin bike, yoga mat or weight room at some point in our lives. But the benefits of working out in the water seem to be a well-kept secret.

Indoor pool activities can be fun and challenging. The best part? You don’t need to be a gold medal swimmer to get an excellent workout in the water. Check out these five amazing reasons why heading to the pool can take you one step closer to your health and fitness goals:

1. Higher Resistance
Ever try to run in the water? That’s resistance. And the water provides 12 to 14 percent more of it than you’ll get exercising on land. The resistance is felt in your muscles and your lungs, making them work harder. The harder they work, the more effective the exercise.

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2. Low Impact
Low impact exercises are great for those with aches and pains, arthritis and injuries. For some it just provides more comfort. The water forces plenty of resistance without stress on your joints and bones.

3. Increases Your Range of Motion
Some suffer from the inability to obtain a full range of motion during their workout. Whether you’re nursing an old injury, have arthritis or alignment issues or you’re just generally starting to feel your age, you can achieve greater range of motion with the water’s help. It provides buoyancy taking the strain off of your muscles.

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4. It’s Safe
Unfortunately, not all environments are safe for a workout, and some require more precaution than others. Swimming provides a safe group atmosphere for everyone to enjoy together. The water also provides balance for those at risk for a fall.

5. And of course, it burns calories, fat, increases your cardiovascular health and circulation!

Here’s a list of a few great water workouts to try. (They’re appropriate for any age or fitness level!)

  • Jogging in the water
  • Water Yoga
  • Water walking
  • Water aerobics
  • Stretching