5 Tips for a Diet-Friendly Fridge

Article posted in: Lifestyle

We were visiting a friend the other day when she asked us to get something out of her fridge. We opened the door and beheld what can only be described as the most diet-friendly refrigerator we’ve ever seen. We mentioned this to her, and she laughed. “I have this whole thing organized to force me to eat healthy things and not eat things that aren’t going to help me maintain my goal weight,” she said. (It’s worth noting that this friend had lost 30 pounds about five years ago and has kept off pretty much all of it since, because she does things exactly like this.) Here are five things we noticed:

The first things we saw upon opening the doors were fruits and vegetables, many of them already cut up into portion or snack sizes and placed in plastic containers or see-through lunch bags. These were all at eye-level. This makes the whole grab-and-go thing very easy to execute with fruits and vegetables, which we all know keep you feeling full and are excellent additions to Nutrisystem meals.

Just below that were lean proteins, like fish, beef and poultry. She also had some yogurt containers there, mostly non-fat Greek yogurt, which tastes great with fruit.

The door of the fridge is what she called the “flavor zone.” This is where she kept condiments like mustard, hot sauce, sour pickles, olives and some vinegars. “A couple of shakes of hot sauce on food can really force you to slow down and eat more consciously,” she said. “And mustard and vinegar can lend a ton of flavor without adding too many—or any—calories.

The crisper drawers held the stuff she didn’t want to see right away, like leftover takeout Chinese food and pizza slices. “I know it’s there but it doesn’t stare me in the face when I open the fridge,” she said.

The only treats were a few low-calorie ice cream bars in the freezer. “I need some ice cream sometimes,” she said. “Everybody does.”