6 Instant Energy Boosters

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

If you feel yourself fading this afternoon or are suffering from a case of the midweek blahs, try one of these simple tips to help you shake it off and boost your energy:

Downsize your morning coffee. Though an extra-large jolt of caffeine will certainly get you up and going, energy levels will plummet later in the day. Shelf that soup bowl-sized mug, and instead sip smaller amounts throughout the day―about a quarter-cup at a time―for a more consistent level of alertness.

Chew gum.
Besides the added bonus of fresher breath, studies show it helps up your alertness. And some research suggests mint-flavored varieties work best to combat sleepiness.

Belt out a song. Listening to music can be invigorating and reduce tension, but if you tap your toes or better yet, sing along, energy levels can shoot up significantly.

Sit up straight. Sit slumped behind the computer screen for an extended period of time, and it shouldn’t surprise you when your eyelids start to droop. Adjust that posture to feel more awake and get a little confidence boost.

Play a brain game.
Do a crossword, for example, and time yourself while you’re doing it. Playing against the clock not only keeps you alert, but also more attentive and challenges how quickly you process information.

Take a quick walk outside. This helps for a bunch of reasons: the combination of sunlight and physical activity serves as a refreshing boost, and a series of studies have shown that being outside in nature makes people feel more alive.