6 Things That Are in Every Health Nut’s Purse

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Being prepared just might be the the most important step you can take to protect your health from the temptations and stress of busy days. Keep these six items in your purse, desk drawer or car, and you’ll find it so much easier to stay on track to your weight loss goals and make the best choices wherever your day leads you.

1. Bottled Water
Staying well-hydrated boosts your health in so many ways. Drinking water keeps your metabolism active, so you burn calories all day long. At the same time, drinking water staves off hunger pangs. And even mild dehydration can cause fatigue, dampened mood and headaches. With water always on hand, you can avoid choosing high-calorie drinks whenever you’re thirsty. Go eco-friendly and purchase a reusable water bottle you can carry with you wherever you go. Need help choosing the best water bottle? We’ve got you covered here.

2. Almonds
PowerFuels such as nuts are a rich source of protein and healthy fats, giving you lots of energy and helping you feel full. Of all the tree nuts, almonds rank highest (by weight) in protein, fiber, calcium and vitamin E. And there are just 82 calories in a half-ounce, about 11 nuts. Munching a handful of almonds will also prevent the sugar surge that comes with the sweet snacks that can be so tempting when you’re feeling hungry or tired.

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3. Toothbrush and Floss
Sure, you want fresh breath, especially when you work closely with others. But the main purpose of cleaning your teeth anytime you eat is to prevent the build-up of plaque, a complex of bacteria that lives in your mouth. Plaque causes tooth decay, inflamed gums (gingivitis) and periodontal disease. It also has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and more. Best of all, with your mouth clean, you’ll feel good about smiling, which is healthy for you and those around you.

4. Sunscreen
Vitamin D is essential for bone strength and it reduces your risk of strokes, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. Your body makes vitamin D when sunlight shines on your skin. Even more important, sunshine and fresh air can be the healthiest of stress relievers. To be sure you get your daily dose of sun, spend 20 to 30 minutes outdoors, walking or even just sitting. But be sure to apply sunscreen first to protect your skin from premature aging and the risk of cancer. (Learn how to select the best sunscreen here.)

5. Deodorant
You don’t need to spend hours a day working out to get the benefits of exercise. A walk of just 10 minutes has significant benefits for weight-loss and overall health. But on warm days you can work up a light sweat even a short stroll. A travel-size deodorant makes it easy for you to wash up and feel refreshed after you walk.

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6. Smart Phone Apps
That powerful hand computer you use for making phone calls, sending texts, and keeping up with social media can also be an invaluable aid to your health. The latest iPhones and many other smart phones include a pedometer app that help you track how much you walk each day. Use a nutrition and fitness app, such as the the free online tracker, NuMi from Nutrisystem, to check out the nutrient content of thousands of foods and keep a log of your food and exercise.