6 Things to Feel Good About this Weekend

Article posted in: Lifestyle

When I was a kid, I never understood why my dad would come home on Friday nights and say “TGIF!” as he hung up his hat and coat.

As soon as I became an adult, I totally understood.

Work weeks can be hard. We all have a lot of stuff going on, from our own work to helping kids and other family members to trying to lose weight and work on our own health. By the time the weekend comes around, you might be so tired that all you want to do is lie on a couch with a blanket over you.

But that’s okay. In fact, it’s one of the six things to feel good about this weekend that we offer below!

  1. You can lie on a couch with a blanket over you! Hey, it’s the weekend, and you’ve worked hard all week. You deserve a little downtime. Besides, studies have shown that naps as brief as 15 minutes in the middle of the day can help reduce levels of stress hormones in the blood, which have been linked to weight gain.
  2. You’re taking positive steps to reach a healthy weight! Think of how much courage it took to get started on your journey. You should feel good about that.
  3. You’re going for a walk today! It’s a beautiful fall weekend, and for many of us, a long weekend at that. Take advantage and get some exercise. Get the endorphins flowing by walking with a friend.
  4. You’re going to prepare for the upcoming week! Take advantage of the free time this weekend to get a leg up on the upcoming week by preparing menus and shopping lists and doing some prep work for healthy meals and snacks.
  5. You’re going to see friends and stay on-program! You know how to get together with friends for football games or restaurant meals, and you know how to stick with your weight loss program.
  6. You can get some extra sack time! Weekends are a great way to get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep we all need for rest and restoration. Tip: Go to bed earlier than you usually do, experts say such sleep is more beneficial than sleeping late.