How to Survive Holiday Travel Slim-Down Style

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If you’re one of those holiday hustlers who will go the distance to avoid missing out on festivities with family and friends (literally), this article is for you. Do your holiday plans include jet-setting from party to party? Will you be so busy making merry that your slim-down is at risk of becoming full-on festivity roadkill?

The holidays, in all their go-go-go glory, can wreak havoc on your health. But with a little planning, they don’t have to. Keep your slim-down cool while you’re on the move with these trim-down tips for travelers:

1. Take it to go: Prepack an emergency snack kit, including Nutrisystem snacks and meal bars, water bottles and fridge-free produce to bring on your travels.

2. Watch the clock: Eat at regular mealtimes. Schedule pit-stops around meals if you can. If not, have Nutrisystem foods on hand for when the clock strikes “Eat!”

3. Be a mover and shaker: Long drive? Plan walking/stretching stops. Flying? Get physical by walking the airport pre-flight.

4. Book it: Bring a book, magazine or deck of cards during your holiday travels. Avoid snacking out of boredom by engaging in other downtime distractions.

5. Snooze to lose: Take advantage of travel time to catch up on ZZZs. Nap on the plane or train; alternate taking the wheel if driving with a copilot.

6. Don’t forego H2O: Don’t slack on hydration. It’ll keep your immune system strong as you hustle along!