A Day to Be Grateful

Article posted in: Lifestyle

I’m going to spend some time today being grateful for a lot of things. Today of all days. What are you grateful for? Spend some time thing about it today.

For food. No matter our relationship with it, food is a gift. It sustains and supports us, and can be a source of joy and pleasure. Our social events and family gatherings are built around it. Maybe sometimes we overdo it. But it’s better than not having it.

For health. I can walk and talk and smell and hold my family in my arms. I can smell coffee in the morning and hear music (although not as well as I used to). I can laugh and drive a car and breath deeply. I’ve watched my parents struggle as they age; I know it’s coming. Still, every day I’m healthy is a gift.

For friends. I’m grateful for those who are willing to laugh with me and help me and, frankly, let me help them, because helping someone do something can put an awful lot of things in perspective. For giving me a shoulder to cry on and an ear to bend, for the laughs.

For love. Not the spice of life; the staff of life. It holds everything together, makes everything else worth it.

For work. For the sense of purpose it gives me, for the joy it brings, and for putting food on the table.

For family. I’ve been blessed, as I hope you have been, to have been born into a family that supported and encouraged me. And I’ve been able to, I think, we the same for my own kids. And as hard as parenting can be some times, I wouldn’t change anything about it.