Get Abs of Steel: How to Do a Plank

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Say no to crunches, but hello to hot abs with the plank.

This quick and easy move takes the strain out of your neck and the stress entirely out of your workout. The wonderful thing about plank is that this move is just as much of a gym essential as your favorite pair of headphones.

It is an exercise that is built on, practiced over time and visibly improved with effort. Using your entire body, the plank summons the work of muscles in your toes all the way to your (soon-to-be-toned) arms. Start by holding plank for just 15 seconds and, if you can keep holding on, do it! Push yourself a little bit each time and you’ll see how master plank-holders are formed.

It’s as easy as getting yourself off of the ground—and 4 steps!

Abs, arms, glutes and leg muscles

Step 1: Lie down on the floor or a gym mat, face-first.

Step 2: Place your hands firmly on the ground, directly underneath your shoulders and push yourself up, as if performing a push up. Your arms should remain perpendicular to the floor. You may also come down on to your forearms, if that is more comfortable. Either way will make sure you’re hitting the right muscles.

Step Keep back flat and your stomach braced (like taking a punch) and off of the floor.

Step 4: Squeeze your buttocks and inner thighs, as you hold the move for about 10 to 15 seconds—30, if you can! Your head should stay in line with your shoulders and back, as you keep your gaze down at the floor.

Note: If, at any point, you experience pain stop performing the exercise immediately.