And to All, A Happy & Healthy Night! A Poem By Nutrisystem

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glass of milk next to santa hats

‘Tis the night before Christmas when all through the house,
The food scents are wafting, your stomach, it growls.

The desserts are all prepped, the temptations abound.
The guests have arrived with goodies by the pound.

So what are your options in a situation like this?
It’d be easy to cave and give your results a goodbye kiss.

But you in your skinny jeans, and your friends on The Leaf
Know you’ll regret it—your goal is in reach!

So chop up your veggies and lay off the cake
Squeeze in a workout before everyone wakes.

Fill up on healthy before the indulging begins
And drink all your fluids for a weight loss win-win.

Play board games and charades and get out and about.
Focus on family because that’s what it’s about.

Food is not part of the memories you make
So don’t give it that much power—pump the brownie brakes.

So whistle and shout and pat yourself on the back…
You’ll make it through the holidays still on the trim-down track!