Be A Healthy Role Model

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

We’ve been thinking and writing about motivation lately, and have come to the realization that for many people on a weight loss program, children are a key motivator. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with a child, and even more energy to stay one step ahead, which is what most parents want to do. Losing weight can help you regain some energy. And once you’ve had a child, you sure want to stick around for a long time, which means getting—and staying—healthy.

But you’re doing something so much more when you choose to live a healthy lifestyle: You’re setting a positive example for your children, and all of your family, by eating right and getting some exercise. Your children are blank slates, and every action you take is a chalk mark that shapes them. So how do you want them to see you—and themselves? As happy, healthy, active and in charge of your own fate? How about as someone who sets goals and works hard to meet them? We think so.

Sometimes being on a weight loss journey can seem like a supremely selfish act. You have to pay careful attention to everything you do, which can be hard for parents who tend to put their children’s needs first. You watch what you eat, maybe making yourself a different meal. And finding time to exercise can mean that you didn’t have time to do something else.

But it all leads to a healthier and happier you. And it leads to happier and healthier children, because they’re looking to you for a good example. So go ahead. Be a role model. Do the right thing and help create a generation that’s doing the right thing, too. Be the pebble that starts the ripples rolling across the pond.