Deck the Halls with Positivity

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Over the last few months, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about strategies for surviving the upcoming holiday season—situations to avoid, things not to do.

And while it’s really important that you avoid certain fat-traps this time of year, we also don’t want you to regard the holidays as a time of deprivation, or a season you just have to “get through.” The holidays are all about family, friends and fun. And if you can remember that, you won’t have to choose between celebrating and slimming down.

So instead of thinking of all the things you probably shouldn’t do this season, focus on all the festive things you can do—like catch up with family members you don’t see often or stroll through your neighborhood to see the holiday lights. Hit the local ice skating rink or gather the kids in your family for some caroling fun.

Remember: here at Nutrisystem, we want to help you establish a lifestyle—one that will last beyond achieving your goal weight. And we know that a life without celebrations is no life at all. So if you can let go of the mindset that the holidays have to be about the spread, and teach yourself to focus on the less food-centric festivities, you’ll be all set for a lifetime of healthy holidays.