Don’t Let One Bad Day Derail You

Article posted in: Lifestyle

Yesterday started with the best of intentions. I got up early and drove with my friend Jamie to a 5k run/walk. The course was straight and flat, running out and back along a boardwalk that passed through dunes that lead to a wide, white beach. I felt pretty good, not great, but I kept moving, sticking to my pace and not walking, not even when my brain told me to. After the run, Jamie and I skipped the bagels-and-bananas buffet and headed for smoothies, which we made sure were packed with fruits, vegetables and proteins. We were feeling pretty virtuous.

When I got home the health streak continued with a nice lean lunch then a nap. I spent some time at the soccer field with the kids, walked the dog, watched some football then got ready for dinner with some friends. I scouted the restaurant’s menu online before we even left home, knowing I could get a salad and a chicken and vegetable dish. I also decided that because I had been so virtuous, I could treat myself to a glass of red wine, which would pair really well with the dish I had pre-scouted.

Well, let’s just say that the one glass of red wine turned into several and that the carefully laid plans of dietary progress flowed right straight out the window, chased by a bread basket and a cannoli.

So what am I doing today? Exercising, eating right and drinking lots of water. Same as I always do. Because I’m not going to let one bad day derail my progress. nor will I let one bad day turn into two. We all make mistakes. The only real mistake is letting that snowball and turn into two bad days. Because that easily turns into three. Nope. It stops here. Here we go.