Stay Off the Naughty List with Non-edible Treats

Article posted in: Lifestyle
Christmas lights

Think the whole “Naughty or Nice” thing is just a ploy to get kids to behave around the holidays? Maybe it is! But if it works for them, who’s to say it won’t work for you?

We’re not suggesting that you give yourself a piece of coal every time you have a slim-down slip-up, but we certainly aren’t opposed to you rewarding yourself for successes throughout your weight loss journey! To avoid wreaking potential havoc on the very progress you’re celebrating, considering rewards of the non-edible variety. Explore ways to appease your other senses that will give you sense-ational satisfaction without the guilt.

Cash in on good behavior and treat yourself to a new pair of super soft pajamas, slippers, or some silk or fleece sheets. Get a relaxing massage after a week of staying on plan or rejuvenate your senses with some great smelling seasonal candles or potpourri. Resisted several temptations this week? Reward yourself with a trip to see a movie or a show you’ve been meaning to check out (don’t forget to bring Nutrisystem treats or some pre-cut veggies)!

When it comes to weight loss, every battle won is huge. We think you deserve to recognize each success along the way. So keep yourself off of the “naughty list,” and get creative with your celebrations!