Everything Changes, Even Chicken Noodle Soup

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Campbell Soup, the iconic American maker of the canned and condensed version of the epitome of comfort food, is changing the recipe of it’s staple chicken noodle soup. As reported in Tuesday’s edition of The New York Times, cans of soup made with the new recipe are starting to appear on supermarket shelves, in a marketing tie-in for the forthcoming “Star Wars” film.

Campbell executives were quoted by The Times as saying the reason for the change was to remain current with American tastes. The old formula for the condensed soup contained 30 ingredients, some of which would be hard to find in the average American kitchen, including disodium inosinate and lactic acid. The new recipe contains just 20 ingredients: also gone are monosodium glutamate, onions, vegetable oil, cornstarch and celery, which Campbell executives told The Times was disapproved of by child taste-testers. Chicken and noodles are still in, of course, as are salt, carrots and sugar.

Campbell last changed its chicken noodle soup recipe in 2011, when it adjusted the spices and the beta carotene used to give the broth its color. The new recipe is the result of a two-month push at Campbell to get the recipe done well but quickly. The Times reported that Campbell now is tinkering with the recipe for its tomato soup, primarily to replace high fructose corn syrup with sugar. No word if millions of home cooks will need to alter their grilled cheese sandwich recipes to accommodate the switch.

Meanwhile, Nutrisystem continues to offer a superb chicken noodle soup, rated four out of five stars by our customers, and diabetic-friendly as well. It contains no sugar and at 110 calories per serving, it is the perfect addition to lunch on a cool fall day.