5 Plateau-Busting Tips When the Scale Won’t Budge

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Plateau Tips

Is your slim-down stuck at a standstill? If so, you may have hit a weight loss plateau. Whether you’re new to Nutrisystem or approaching your goal weight, there are several things you can do that may help you bust through this standoff with the scale.

We’ve all been there. Weight loss plateaus can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re doing everything correctly. Some dieters experience a plateau earlier on in their program after seeing accelerated weight loss in the first week. Things are going great, then week two or three comes around and you’re feeling discouraged. Other members may hit a wall after being on the plan for around two or three months.

Although plateaus are pretty common in the weight loss world, we know how discouraging they can be. It’s important to remember that weight loss is often a downward trend and not always a straight decline. However, by making a few small changes to your routine, you can help your body get through a plateau and get back to dropping pounds.

Here are five tips to try when your slim-down is stuck at a standstill:

1. Fine-Tune Your Tracking

It happens to the best of us: we get so comfortable following the program that we become less dependent on our meal tracker, get a little lax and unknowingly slip in some extra calories here and there. But these calories can add up fast. And sometimes they result in a full-blown standoff with the scale. By getting back to the basics of the program, and recording your intake, you’ll be able to account for any extra calories you didn’t realize you were sneaking into your days. Plus, if you find your weight has still not budged after a week of recording your intake closely, you will have a good record to share with our Weight Loss Coaches so that they can really hone in on the issue. Freebie alert: Enjoy free access to NuMi, our helpful online tracking tool that makes logging your food, drinks, activity, weight and more simple!

2. Amp Up Your Activity

If activity hasn’t been a priority for you just yet, that’s OK! But if you’re facing a plateau, movement just might be the missing piece. Try working in some My Daily 3® workouts. Go for a long walk, a bike ride or start with some stretching. If you have been exercising, try pumping up the intensity or duration of your favorite activities. Walk or jog around the block one more time. Put some extra pep in your step and pick up the pace. Try your hand (or muscles!) at strength training. Lifting weights increase your muscle mass, which can boost metabolism to help you burn calories at a quicker rate. Remember: the more you move, the more you burn; the more you burn, the more you can lose.

3. Mix Up Your Menu

Sometimes a little variety is all that’s needed to kickstart your body’s weight loss engine. Try swapping your Nutrisystem® lunches and dinners. Or commit to trying some brand new PowerFuel or SmartCarb options. If your PowerFuel selections tend to be dairy foods, try trading them for lean meats, eggs or protein shakes, which tend to offer up more protein per serving. By increasing your protein intake, you can increase your lean muscle mass—which can help speed up your metabolism even when your body is at rest.

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4. Ditch Dinners Out

Although by now, you’re probably something of an Extras expert, restaurants are really good at sneaking in those extra calories. Sure you might have asked for low-fat cheese on that veggie wrap… but do you know exactly how much cheese the chef snuck in? And maybe you requested a side of grilled veggies. But were they doused in oil and butter? While we know better than to expect you to never eat out again, while you’re trying to crack the code on what’s causing your plateau, it might be beneficial to skip the restaurant scene.

5. Shake Off Your Sodium Habit

If you’re prone to piling on salt at every meal or you don’t opt for low sodium versions of canned veggies, cheeses and meats, your body could be retaining fluids. Skip the salt and try seasoning foods with herbs and spices instead. Pay attention to your program add-ons—lower sodium options are always your best bet.

If you’ve tried these tactics and you’re still battling a plateau, you can always connect with one of the Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coaches. They are here to help you no matter where you’re at in your journey.