7 Things Nutrisystem Coaches Want You to Know

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One of the great benefits of being on the Nutrisystem is access to our team of trained Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coaches, reachable via phone, email or chat. Our Coaches are experts at explaining the program and coaching people through all the steps of a weight loss journey, regardless of your target weight. Nutrisystem Coaches have a tremendous amount of insight into how our programs work, where people tend to slip up and how to get them back on track. So we asked them: What do you wish people knew about the Nutrisystem program? Here’s what they said:

1. Eating everything is important.

Be sure to include grocery additions including PowerFuels and SmartCarbs with the program.

Here’s why: Nutrisystem works when you eat all of the food we provide as well as the fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins we want you to add in. That way you’ll feel full all day and not be tempted to overdo it at snack-time.

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2. Cutting out PowerFuels and SmartCarbs to reduce calories will do more harm than good!

Here’s Why: Your Nutrisystem plan is tailored specifically to you, to help you get the exact number of calories and nutrients you need to maintain health and nutrition, but not so few that your body goes into starvation mode, where it holds on to energy and doesn’t allow weight loss. It’s true: One of the keys to weight loss is eating!

3. Everyone has a minimum amount of calories that their body needs daily!

Going below your minimum for an extended period of time will not help with weight loss!

Here’s Why: Same as above. You want to feed your body enough to have the energy to burn calories. If you don’t get enough calories, you’ll feel lethargic and won’t want to move around, which aids weight loss.

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4. Weight is much harder to lose than to put on!

Don’t expect instant results!

Try this instead: Don’t think of the scale as your only measure of success. Rather, take pleasure and pride in the small accomplishments you’re seeing: kind compliments about your new energy and appearance, the fact that your favorite pair of jeans is a bit loser, the thrill of walking up a flight of stairs without feeling winded.

5. Nutrisystem is a lifestyle change and not just a diet with magic food!

Here’s Why: Within a couple of weeks of being on the program, you’ll probably start to see—and feel—results. Many of our customers tell us about an increase in energy, and a new vitality. They start changing their lifestyle to take advantage of the energy, and really enjoy being able to play with their kids, for example.

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6. Rethink how food factors into your social life.

Here’s why: If eating was at the center of your social life, change things and meet with friends for a walk or a bike ride instead. Food is part of life, not the reason for it.

7. Vegetables are not boring!

Making something like carrot fries or kale chips on the program is allowed. They are a great snack!

Here’s why: In addition to being packed with health-giving nutrients, vegetables are high in fiber, which fill up your belly and make you feel full. Nutrisystem’s fun #VeggieSexy campaign includes videos that show you how to prepare delicious vegetable snacks and sides for your favorite program entrees.