5 Reasons to Shop Nutrisystem A La Carte

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Think of it as visiting a virtual marketplace that’s stocked with your favorite Nutrisystem foods: When you shop A La Carte, you can pick and choose from the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options you love—buy just one or two items, or load your cart to fill your pantry.

You can get extra shake mixes as well, select from the frozen food “aisle,” or order sampler packs to try out different items. Shopping A La Carte is a great way to supplement whichever Nutrisystem plan you’re on and can even help keep you on track after you’ve reached your goal weight.

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Here are five more reasons to hit this online marketplace:

1. You can sample a new food.

Maybe there’s a breakfast sandwich you heard was good and want to try before your next Nutrisystem order ships, or a sweet treat you’ve been eyeing. Order one to see how you like it, then you can add it to your custom menu or buy a bunch to have on hand. And whenever a brand new Nutrisystem food becomes available, shopping A La Carte is an easy way to give it a taste-test.

2. You can replenish your favorites.

It happens to the best of us: You somehow manage to eat all of your favorite foods during week one. Then family pizza night rolls around again, and you’re all out of your delicious Nutrisystem Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza. No need to wait for your next shipment—order a few ahead of time so you can enjoy your pizza, Double Chocolate Muffin, or whatever other Nutrisystem food makes you happiest.

3. You can order foods for the fam.

Sometimes your willpower is at its peak; other times it may feel tougher to stay on track. For those moments when you need the most support, having your family share in your meals can help. Order extra meals and snacks, so you can all eat the same food together—without any extra temptation for you. And when they like the food so much that you notice your Grilled Chicken Sandwich disappearing, or your Milk Chocolate Flavored Pretzels have vanished, you can order replacements, or even buy their favorite snacks in bulk.

4. You can stock up on PowerFuels.

These are an important part of your Nutrisystem weight loss plan. After your first week, you can use the Nutrisystem Protein Shakes to fulfill those PowerFuel needs. Buy them in bulk A La Carte, so you always have a PowerFuel ready at your fingertips. Find more information on SmartCarbs and PowerFuels here! >

5. You can shop for time savers.

Flex meals are an outlet for you to practice healthy cooking and get prepared for life after Nutrisystem. But sometimes, you’re just too busy to cook—and that’s okay. Shop A La Carte for extra meals and snacks, and let those serve as your Flex meals when you’re on the run and in a bind.

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