7 Quick and Easy Breakfast Options Without Eggs

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Chocolate And Hazelnut Flavored Granola breakfast without eggs

Maybe you don’t like eggs. Maybe you can’t eat them too often for health reasons. Maybe the same-old-same-old, no matter how delicious, is just too boring to have every day. Whatever your reason for wanting an eggless breakfast, Nutrisystem has a wide variety of equally delicious breakfast choices without eggs that will keep you satisfied and going until lunch.

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1. Granola Cereal >

granola cereal breakfast without eggs

Imagine waking up to crunchy clusters of rolled oats and puffed rice with a touch of cinnamon. It’s like having a healthy dessert for breakfast. It’s only 150 calories a serving, so you can add your favorite fruit (sliced banana, blueberries, even raisins) without doing any damage (just record them in your NuMi app). You can have your granola with skim milk or even in nonfat Greek yogurt for an extra boost of filling protein. Feel free to sprinkle on some more cinnamon: According to Healthline, the spice has been shown to reduce insulin resistance and help lower blood sugar levels, while also protecting against cancer and heart disease. Click here to stock up! >

2. Apple Walnut Oatmeal >

apple walnut oatmeal

Cold mornings call for a hot breakfast, so this may be one of your winter go-tos. It contains real apples (not just apple flavor), walnuts and a dash of cinnamon (add more if you like!). One comforting bowl of this oatmeal provides five grams of satisfying fiber at just 150 calories. Click here to stock up! >

3. Honey Wheat Bagel >

honey wheat bagel breakfast without eggs

Now you can join in on bagel day at work—or anytime—with this lightly honey-sweetened wheat bagel. It has four grams of fiber and just 150 calories. Add some nonfat cream cheese or even a little bit of peanut butter for added protein and you have the perfect breakfast. Click here to stock up! >

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4. Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal >

maple brown sugar oatmeal

This is the old-fashioned breakfast treat you remember from childhood, but with pared down calories (only 150) and a boost of fiber (three grams) to keep you full till lunch. It’s microwaveable but still has that creamy, slow-cooked texture and classic taste. Click here to stock up! >

5. NutriFlakes Cereal >

nutriflakes cereal breakfast without eggs

Breakfast can still be delicious and satisfying without eggs! This is your new breakfast of champions: a bowl of hearty bran flakes that delivers six grams of fiber at only 90 calories. Add skim milk or nonfat yogurt, your favorite fruit and you’re good to go. Click here to stock up! >

6. Superfood Smoothie Mix >

superfood smoothie mix

Broccoli and spinach for breakfast? Not so bad when it’s mixed with eggs in an omelet, right? But these superfoods can still be part of a breakfast without eggs when they’re combined with sweet strawberries. You can stir up this Superfood Smoothie mix or put it in the blender with ice cubes for a thicker, milkshake consistency. Enjoy it with a straw or a spoon! It makes the perfect smoothie bowl. Green veggies never tasted so good. This breakfast smoothie contains 12 grams of protein and six grams of fiber, too! Click here to stock up! >

7. Chocolate and Hazelnut Flavored Granola >

chocolate and hazelnut flavored granola breakfast without eggs

It’s your favorite hazelnut-chocolate spread in cereal form! You get clusters of crunchy rolled oats, real cocoa and chocolate that contains 10 grams of filling protein and nine grams of dietary fiber for only 140 calories. We love it topped with raspberries and served over low-fat yogurt or milk. Click here to stock up! >

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